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25 Reasons Why I Love To Hate You, My Friend.

Date: 2019-06-20 13:26:20

By Priyanshi

I hate you, my friend, I really do,
Exactly the way I love you.

It's a 50:50 ratio, as you are sometimes annoying and I don't feel bad to say to you because you know it too. Now before that, I go in deep about you, you will be my bestie, always!

(Keeping myself safe beforehand. :-P)

Here are 25 reasons why I dearly hate to hate you. Please keep these in mind the next time so that we both can live a little more happily.

1. You never let me have my last bite of food.

You always used to ask for a bite to 'taste it' but well, the final satisfaction was always yours.

2. You told me to stay away from relationships while you enjoyed your love life.

That's what they say, all of them who are in one. I mean, I have a life too.

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3. You made sure I look my worst on my first date.

You told me this is how it's done, raw and original and dressed me into something even Dracula won't recognize. My dates have been horrible and now I know why nobody ever was interested in me.


4. You always gave the wrong information to my mom about school.

Things that didn't happen ever in school are things I get scolded about by my mom because you told her I didn't do the work assigned and the teacher punished me.

5. You always stole my work and said it was yours.

Yes, all the hard work was done by me and you apparently did the 'smart work' right?

6. You made sure teachers know what a badass I was.

Though I managed to keep a real good reputation, you had to make sure that they knew of my kaands. I will forever hate you for that.

7. You told my boyfriend all that I didn't like and made my birthday hell.

Well, you out of all knew how important my birthday was for me and you went a line ahead of being your funny self to plan out everything I hated via my boyfriend. Nice try, pal.


8. You always made my room messy.

I am a clean freak and the world knows it. But you have to come in and make it look like a zoo, goddammit!

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9. All those times when I was sleeping and you opened the curtains, URGH!

This is the one thing I will detest you for my entire life.

10. When you deliberately do things to make me angry.

When I'm pissed, anything can happen and you just have to add fuel to fire.

11. Every time you pronounce my name wrong, oh dear!

You will purposely tell others that I like it when people call me that and have everyone around me tease with that name. I will come back to you, remember.


12. Never. Touch. My. Hair.

Next time you do that, you are dead for me.

13. I hate it when you bring the chips I don't like especially when I'm hungry Af.

Really? If this is your definition of being funny, you're going in the wrong direction, my dear.

14. You assume stuff.

In a fight, you always have something to come up with which has never happened, like don't assume man.

15. Life is easy, but you're there to complicate it.

Sure, everybody has that one friend.


16. I'm possessive about my charger and you always take it and misplace it.

It's not about the money, it's about the attachment. You won't understand.


17. All my bottles are left empty once you go back home.

I hate filling water into the bottles, it's one time of the day that I do and you don't even consider to refill them.

18. When you drink my milkshake that I had kept for movie night.

Just for the sake of ruining my moment right? Not to admit you also get it for me, so, I forgive!

19. When you don't return my hair tie.

My life becomes difficult without that hair tie you borrowed. Please give it back or I'll hold a grudge against you forever in my life.


20. When you keep the AC temperature at 23 degrees, it triggers my OCD.

Meetha, meetha 22 is the trick!

21. Every time we follow your plan and once when I make it, you have excuses.

You always have something to not turn up to when it's important for me. WHYY?

22. When you disturb me in between of my movie.

I need to be focused and left alone because I can't tolerate disturbances when I'm watching a movie and you just do the opposite of it.


23. When you go to drink Hot Chocolate to my favorite place without taking me.

We had a pact. You broke it. Now I hate you.

24. You mock me in front of our friends.

You know it's rude to do that and I take offense on it. Jesus, you're difficult my friend.

25. You give me spoilers.

There is one thing that I will hold a grudge against a person forever and it is this, my dear friend.


These reasons are purely enough to say why I hate you, but these are also those which make me love every bit of you. So don't get flattered because I still expect you to make up to me on these.


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