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My Best Friend And I Liked The Same Guy In College, Chill!! We Got The Solution

Date: 2018-05-15 17:27:59

By Erica

My best friend and I have always had similar interests.

She ran up to me one afternoon and told me she was in love. Finally! I thought as I waited patiently for her to tell me the whole story. She had been acting weird these past few days. Smiling in the corridor and no one in particular. Scrolling through Instagram more than often. I didn't have to ask my best friend if she developed a new crush. I could see it on her face but I never asked her because I waited for her to tell me. Maybe today was the day.


Did she see the signs too? I realized after a beat, it was like looking in a mirror. I smiled giddily the way she did. I started putting a little effort in the way I dressed and made sure my liner was equal on both sides. Not that a boy would notice.

"He is so cute!," she gushed.

I wondered who she was referring to. I couldn't contain my excitement. I had something to tell her as well. I was spinning, falling head over heels over a guy. I knew my best friend would kill me because I didn't tell her sooner, but I was saving this news. I wanted to tell her since day. She is the last person to ever judge me. But I wanted to revel in the feeling of being in love. I was prepared to share the news and I was definitely going to tell her after she told me her big news.

"Who is he?," I asked curiously.

She blushed and held her phone up. She's my best friend. I knew she read the expression on my face before I could compose myself. i knew what she saw : shock, confusion and hurt.

"Shit," she said, pushing her phone into her back pocket. "You are in love with him too."

So, what do you do when you find out that your best friend and you are in love with the same boy? Do you hate him for being so good looking? Do you get mad at your best friend for not paying attention to your crushes?

I'll tell you what to do:

1. Get to know how deep her feelings run for him.

Is she madly in love with him? Is she just looking for a fling? Does she want to steal a kiss from him and that's all?


2. Explain how you feel about him to her

It's not a competition. Who gives the best answer won't win him. Same questions apply to you. Plus, when you try to explain how you feel about him, you will know for sure what you feel for him.


3. Think about which is more important. Love or friendship

Don't worry. It won't determine the kind of person you are. You are confused and you have to see through the fog.


4. What about him ?

She is your best friend. You can be open to each other. Ask her if he flirts a lot. If he has asked her out yet. Do they hang out or not.


What not to do

5. Get mad.

Relax. He is just a boy. Love happens. Getting mad at him, your best friend or yourself won't really benefit anyone except make matters worse.


6. Give up on him without asking him.

So, you both are interested and if he has been in touch with both of you, just go ask him the big question.


7. Call your best friend all kinds of names and storm off


8. "Why would he like you? He likes me"

Don't hurt the other. Even if you are sure about your facts, don't be mean about it.


9. Jump to conclusions


Don't make conclusions that she has a secret vendetta against you. Don't let love make you blind, girls.


Remember girls, best friends may or may not be for a lifetime but don't break a friendship over a guy/girl you are in love with. Trust me. Boys will come and go. If it is meant to be he/she will stay. Don't be afraid to sacrifice for your best friend if you see true love. Not everybody has the privilege to find true love, you know. Some are emotionally dead. Maybe he isn't the catch right now. Maybe you are born and destined to crack the shell of a man or woman who shuts love out whenever he/she sees it. Maybe you are destined for something perfect, not something that is 'good enough' for you.

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