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Sonam Wangchuk Solar Mud House Will Help Indian Army To Fight Icy Weather.

Date: 2018-05-17 17:37:35

By Abhishek

You cannot deny, Our army jawans are India's pride. If we are safe, it's because of them. If we are happy, it's because of them.

You might not know, in how difficult situations our jawans live on the borders. Whether it's a hot sunny day of 50 degrees or a chill out day of -50 degrees, they are always on-duty and this is one of the reasons, the sense of respect by us for them is nevertheless.
And if we can contribute to improving their lives on the border is very much appreciable. And this is how Sonam Wangchuk is helping our jawans.

Source: Quora

An engineer-turned-innovator Sonam Wangchuk, popularly known as our real life Phunsukh Wangdu has made pre-fabricated solar heated mud huts for our jawans(Indian Army) that will keep them warm in those unpleasantly cold conditions.

These fabricated huts are eco-friendly and have the capability to keep the huts warm even in minus degree temperatures also. However, these huts can be moved from one place to another and it is easy to assemble the huts on the spot.


Wangchuk told ET,

This is going to get rid of all the pollution caused by the massive amounts of oil the Army consumes to keep the jawans warm.

The huts does not require massive heating during winters in Ladakh. Wangchuk's home is in Ladakh, which is one of the coldest mountain deserts in the world. He is also planning to set up a plant in Ladakh.

Wangchuk added,

A prototype has been developed and the Army is interested in at least 10,000 such structures.
The cost of heating will be zero. Even if the temperature outside is minus 20 degrees Celsius, it will be 20 degrees Celsius inside the hut.

Highly Appreciable work!! Thank You Sonam Wangchuk "Our inventor".

Source: Economic Times

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