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10 Signs Your Friend Is A Full On Gossip Queen

Date: 2019-05-09 12:45:20

By Priyanshi

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Have you ever encountered, why your friend is too dramatic or runs to you with news every time you meet her? It's like she has a treasure of all the gossip in the world and somehow she is updated all the time. She has even made your life full of spiciness because she believes in "Live life Drama Size."

Well, here are the 10 signs that prove your friend is a gossip queen.

1. She feeds on her ex's misery.

What's gone is gone but not for your gossip friend. She still somehow has all the updates on his ex and enjoys bitching about him and that new girl she saw him with.


2. You'll find her talking to the guard casually.

I mean for gossip to come around, you need to find the random-est people. You'll often find her chatting with anyone and everyone be it the guard of her colony or that dentist she buys her stuff from.


3. A gossip a day shuns her problems away.

Some people put away their stress by eating ice cream or by hanging out with friends. This friend has it easy. Give her a gossip to make her day and she's going to love you.


4. She gets excited about your mom's friend's business whereabouts.

You'll find her paying attention to your call and how your mother's friend's business is falling apart. She'll have solutions for it too. She is too spontaneous that way.


5. She has her antennas on.

ALWAYS! Like you think she is not, but she is, always listening.


6. When people approach her for any information, you know she is the one.

Her tagline will be "I'm the one you're looking for." As like Ranbir Kapoor and Karan Johar are the messengers of spreading the "its and bits" in Bollywood, as the same ways, your friend is the female version of Ranbir Kapoor.


7. You can't mess with her.

Or she'll spill your dark, dirty secrets out because hallelujah, she loves to create drama scenes, no matter if it's your dirty secrets on the table.


8. You call her with a lot of nicknames like jasoos/detective, messenger, khabri, etc.

You know it, they all know it and she loves it.


9. She is more attentive in general.

I bet more than she's ever been in a classroom. Her eyes and ears are always open, seeking some gossip from somewhere.


10. She loves analyzing details about the newly found gossip.

Oh, you'll find her talking about it and the way she relishes it says it all. She acts like a Saasu maa of Indian soap operas.

Acha, yeh kaise hua tha? Bata na!
Phir usne kya bola?


Never, ever mess with the gossip queens. Keep them closer than your enemies. They'll help you in times of need.

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