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One-sided Aashiq Ho Kya? This One Is For You.

Date: 2021-03-06 09:20:46

By Ratika

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Before you read down the full article, ek baat kehni hain,
"Phirse apna mat katwaiyo".

Hello, people of India. Brothers and sisters, how do you do?

Today we have gathered here to mark the adventures of a legend that cannot be seen, cannot be heard but exists.

Did you watch Raazi? Alia Bhatt's movie where she is a spy? Yeah. Do you know who the real girl is/was?


Neither do we, but, but similarly there are so many aashiqs that are never named, never honored but they exist amongst us and today is going to be all about these unsung heroes.

one sided aashiq

You cannot just wake up one day and say that you are a one-sided aashiq, it takes years of dedication and practice. Chances are either you do not think you look well enough for your supposed one or you are inspired by Bollywood. Another perk of being in India, it narrows down the strata for every survey very easily.

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Coming back to the heroes of the hour, one-sided-aashiqs, these guys have immense love to give and receive but look and learn from our brothers, do they expect anything in return? Do they ask the world to give them anything?

Not that we would even give a flying one but this guy has self-awareness, which is why he is suffering in silence.

See either go and approach your crush or suffer, don't wait for Yash Chopra to come on for your help like he mostly helps the one-sided Romeo in his films. You are no Kapoor surname or Ambani surname.

Not only one-sided love teaches you to be unconditional but also makes you love yourself more because at least one person on Earth got to love you and if not anybody else then the person got to be you.

Another side effect of this one-sided-love is patience.

one sided love


Patience is a by-product of hope and hope is a concept humans are confused about. Nihilists have a better understanding of the universe and their lovers, they simply have given up on it but you are still stuck in your one-dimensional love life. Try contacting Rick Sanchez, he might take you to another dimension.

No no, he might not be able to get you a lover there but at least you will be out of one dimension and miserable in multiple dimensions at alternative times.

one sided love

Another trait that has been observed in one-sided-aashiqs is the love for wanderlust, Ohoo. How much do Travelling blogs and agencies owe you guys but we must say you guys are genuine, No? For how real you guys are!

You take adventures on risky terrain but your supposed lover gives zero shit. You put yourself through adrenaline-loaded activities but your crush gives zero shit. You drew your name and your crush on the walls of your street, even still your crush is not impressed with you. You put photos on Facebook with captions of self-love and your crush does not even know about your existence but you still go through all of it knowing that your crush has probably even run out of her zero's to give a shit about but not you, you do it for the sake of greater good.

"Oh pata nahi ji kaunsa nasha karta hain".

one sided love

Truly, you guys are the spirit of the nation. Mr. Prime Minister one elephant rides for these young guns too, thank you.


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