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I Wear Indian Dresses Yet I Don't Feel Safe Here.

Date: 2019-05-18 21:41:59

By Priyanshi

This not just me, this is the voice of thousands of women across the nation who cover their bodies and still feel that they are in danger, who are scanned from head to toe by pervert men, who hesitate in going out after 10 PM because human beings can get worse after sunset.

I've come to this realization that it's not about being a woman that comes with a default restriction or about the clothes you choose to wear because revealing or not, you will still get beaten up and raped to death.


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Clothes, they don't matter to the men who find their desperation to be above humanity and decency in nature. Forget respecting woman, today you can't find basic morals or safety while walking back home. It's like, you can't be roaming alone at nights, you're bound to have a man-like walking beside you who you can trust. I travel by Mumbai locals and whoever has been there knows what goes in and about there. After it gets dark, it's a risky place for women to be traveling alone, but some of the women are helpless, even if they wear neck to toe fully covered dress, still they have to give in their bodies to be watched by some scoundrel men who can't control their eyes go and the thing, in there.


Be it Delhi or Kolkata or Kerala, any place is just so-called safe place because men are everywhere and pervert men are always hanging in there for you to remind how much of weaker sex you can be as a woman.

Not to mention, it drives me crazy. I mean, why do we girls have to suffer men's animalism, why can't they give and take respect.?
Do they don't have ladies in their home? Or do they do such things at their home as well?


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I might sound harsh right now, but you have to understand, it's the voice of a girl who wants freedom from society's reservations, and those badmash who have made a women's life a living hell.

In this free world where people have paved their way to freedom and ultimatum, we are still struggling to safeguard a very important sex of this world. Today, men's getting raped has risen and I feel like losing hope over humanity. But that's what we are, too messed up as a culture. So, even if I wear an Indian dress every day that covers every part of my body, leaving nothing to see, men in their utmost vulgarity will still look at me as if they are cherishing to strip me down.



So, no, this country has been messed up on its own and because of some people, other men have to suffer. And no, I don't feel safe here so no matter what consolation you give me, nothing will change the fact that I am a woman in the end.

In the end, I demand strict punishment for such criminals and if this goes straight in the mind of people who are in the institution making rules for safeguarding women, I do be grateful to them, if they do so.


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