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7 Reasons Women Can Live Without Being Dependent On Men.

Date: 2019-08-27 10:35:39

By TabloidXO

The battle between men and women is something that has been taught to us since childhood. Be it in the innocent childhood games or in the TV shows. But after a point of time in our lives, the idea of girls versus boys became girls for boys. Girls began to differ, their training started as machines designed to make the lives of men easier. She had to know how to cook, clean, wash and know every domestic necessity that there was. Men, on the other, learned finances, public affairs and everything dealing with the outer world. It was a common practice until some time ago. The co-dependence of genders. But now, as the boundaries between norms are blurring and making individuals more empowered, an idea is set in the society that 'women need men'. We may hear of a male bachelor living alone in his late 50's, but a female one is rare to come by. But the idea that women need men is not true.

And here are some reasons which will help you believe why women can live without men-

1. Girls are emotionally quite mature and can handle their emotions and happiness in an efficient manner.


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2. Women have struggled to get an education and empower themselves and also know their way around the house. That means they actually don't essentially 'need' any assistance from anyone.

3. Desiring a healthy relationship is cool. But sticking with a chauvinist man just for the sake of sense of security is something girls fight against. They are independent enough to secure themselves.


4. In terms of parenting, you will often see single moms, but rarely single dads. Umm, need I say something?

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5. As women are relatively less insecure about finding comfort in other places, they find companionship in their family, pets or friends.

6. Since they have dealt with society and its taunts for so long, they know what to ignore and what to pay attention to.


7. They will always find their way to happiness and try to see humour, even in the problems they face.



We need to understand the difference between need and want. While women may desire a man, I feel like there is no girl out there desperately in 'need' of a man. So we should try and stop this notion that a woman can't be independent enough to take care of herself and her family. With equal opportunities which are provided to both the genders, no longer is son the sole person to bring prosperity to the family.

What's a queen without a king? Well, historically speaking, more powerful.


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