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19 Witty Replies For Someone Who Calls You 'Short'

Date: 2018-09-21 12:47:03

By Mansha

People with short height often listen to comments like "Oye Choti height", "you must be not able to see properly from that angle, let me lift you up", "how's the view from ground floor" and so on and on. And you have no choice rather than listening to them and making yourself comfortable because now God has made you like that. But today I have come up with some comebacks for short people which you say in your defense, shut them up completely with your wit replies.

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Expensive and special things come in small packets. Chota packet, bada dhamaka.


Yes, the ground floor is fun because I like to be stick to the ground unlike you who fly without any reason. I am down to earth.

Can you bring me a drink from the bar, which has a long queue within five minutes, now see this the advantage of being short?

Unlike you, I look younger than I am. So, the flirting game is on whenever I want to.


Better than being an elephant and get noticed by unwanted people.

I talk to people with a pride, always with my head up like a boss, unlike you, always seeing down towards people. You have no respect.

I am proud of it because it makes me look smarter, petite and beautiful. You are just a person in the crowd.


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You can spot the intelligence easily.

At least I can make myself look taller by wearing heels, what will you do when you have to look younger.

Where would you find a tall boyfriend? Wait, maybe at the top of the ladder.


At least we can fit anywhere unlike you, who need a space of a tiger.

We don't need to wait in a crowd for what we want, oh wait, for how long you waited outside to get the entry.


Why you tall people are so proud of your height? Relax it's just the height, not some Olympic medal.


What you have achieved by your height rather than mocking people, do something better, my friend.

And I still play basketball better than you. You can't even dunk a basketball. Can you?

I didn't choose to be short but you definitely chose to be mean and stupid. I ensure you my comebacks on short height will make you cry.


Only insecure people mock others, do you want to meet for lunch? Let me help you to be free from insecurity.

If you will say that again, I will make sure that you go back home with bruises on your face.


Sometimes, it's better to laugh at yourself.


Try this on your own risk, short people are intelligent enough than taller people and I am not saying this. It's a study, people. So next time when people will mock you say whatever you want to or if you will mock somebody than don't be a shock when they give you witty replies which can embarrass you of being yourself.

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