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PUKAAR Of Every Wife During World Cup, 'Will I Get That Much Of Attention Which You Give To My 'Sautan', World Cup?'

Date: 2019-03-20 14:27:02

By Mansha

As the World Cup is approaching, the excitement levels of men are uncontrollable. They are counting the days, minutes and even seconds to the day when World Cup would start. Some have even booked their seats for the live matches, some have decided where they will see their first and final match and some have planned excuses for office leaves, but in between all of this, there is one woman in every man's life who feel neglected on World Cup days and that woman is, every man's "WIFE."

Am I right, wives?


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They fix their eyes on the TV screen, not worrying about anything, including food, water or even their better halves. They get so involved in seeing, who will win the match and who will make their country proud that they forget about, they too have to give their quality time to their wives and then THE WORLD WAR starts, but the difference is, here world war starts between two people who are enough to do various and bold explosions and most of the times, it is a wife who does such explosions.


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AUR EXPLOSIONS HO BHI KYUN NA? If husbands have that much love for cricket then marry cricket only. Take "Saath phere" with bat and ball and have kids with them because wives don't matter at the time of seeing, "who will win the toss and who will win the series". At times, they gather all their friends under one roof and no one will offer any kind of help to do chores, Are wives the maids during World Cup series? No, right? So, darling husbands if you want to have a play date with your boys then choose a place where we don't have to work or help yourself because we are not responsible for, "fill the ice bucket" and "cook or order food". We want our peace even if we can't have your time because we get it you have more love for MS Dhoni and Virat Kohli than us.



And what is up with the jersey? Who wears them while sitting at home and watching TV? That are the symptoms of being mentally unstable darling husbands and we don't want to see that jersey in our cupboard for next one year as your nightwear. We are done with your jerseys, so, next time onwards or this time onwards we want to see that jersey out from our house. Is that clear?


Already can't wait to say good-bye to our sautan (cricket). Please leave our home soon and let us have our husbands all to ourselves.

Every irritated wife.



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