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8 Thoughts We Have While Going To A Gynecologist Which Are Actually Not True.

Date: 2019-05-21 13:12:58

By Mansha

Visits to gynecologists are every girl's routine at least once in a month and they are kind of saviors and best friends to us because they are the only ones, who know us from inside and outside. Right girls? But, also sometimes we feel conscious about our body traits in front of them, like, we think they will assess us on the basis of what they see but that is not the case.

Today, I have come with the things, which our doctors doesn't care about, but still, we think, they care about. So, it is time to clear those thoughts and welcome peace in your mind, the next time, when you will visit them...

Your sexual partners:

They don't care about the number of sexual partners you have because they know, they don't have doctorate practice for that, but sometimes, you need to tell them the exact numbers, so that, they can reach to the roots of your problems.


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Hair down there:

They know better than us that it is normal to have hair down there and they can never judge you if you have waxed or not because they know the amount of pain that can cause and also, they deal with every type of patients every day, whether no hair and with excess hair.


If you are on your period:

They see blood every day and they won't get disgusted from your period blood because they know that somehow every situation is related to girls periods and it is totally normal if girls are facing any type of issues in her periods, it is important to get it checked than regretting it later.


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Your sex life:

It is their duty to work on your sex life to give you a better and healthy life ahead. So, there is no need to be conscious about your sex life in front of your doctors because they hear about it every day of their doctorate practice.


Sex problems:

If you are worried about your lack of performance with your spouse or partner, don't be ignorant, this is what their job is. They are the best counselors you can ever go to because not just they help you in examining you, but also; they will boost you up against your fear. So, share it, if you are facing it, as with time fear would only increase and it is better to find the root cause before it may start affecting your marital life.



If it is itching down there:

Some girls, feel ashamed of saying a sentence, "it is all itchy down there" because they feel their doctors would judge them on their hygiene, but ladies, it is important to share it and get it examined before it takes the shape of something serious as it is the most sensitive area of our body.


If you want an abortion or a contraceptive pill:

Girls feel judged when they ask for contraceptive pills or abortion, but there is nothing to be scared of as our doctors are there to help us on such matters and they would guide us to the right path.


Last, "The Touch":

Some girls don't feel like to go for follow-ups as they feel conscious about their touch and how they smell, but girls, they don't care about such things, as it is their job to check your vagina. So, let them do their work and you visit for your better healthy future.


Our gynecologists are not our enemies, they would like to help us in every situation and they would never judge us on the same, as this is what their job says.


Feature image: clevelandclinic

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