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I Know Why Rapists Are Fearless In India And What Punishment They Deserve.

Date: 2020-10-01 01:36:48

By Manveen

We can explain to you hundred theories, but all of them boil down to one thing because they know they can get away with it. It took our judiciary years to deliver justice to Nirbhaya, and ask yourself, was that really justice? Do you not think those men just had to die to serve justice whereas what they had done to her was plain satanic, maybe even more, maybe even Satan would cringe looking at those foul souls. May they never rest in peace?

Can you imagine that one girl, who was minding her own business, fetching fodder for her cattle gets dragged, raped, tortured, and abused for no possible reason but because some self-entitled schmuck thinks it would be okay. She did nothing to trigger them; she did not even know them, then why?

rapist fearless in india

You know years ago, a video went viral in which some boys and those boys would be teenage boys only and they made a video of themselves harassing a girl. The girl was a minor as well and they were seen taking off her salwar kameez and she was pleading them not to, you know what the strange part is? The video had vehicles in it and the number plates were clearly visible, this video was put online with full consent. Some journalists tried investigating and found out that no complaint had been reported regarding the same. The faces of everybody involved in that video were that, number plates are there, how difficult is it to track somebody down? It is when you do not want to.

Ask yourself, are you shocked? No, right?
Angry, yes!

Scared too but the rate at which crime occurs in India against women and the brevity of it no longer shocks us, it is our everyday. India is not a country for women. It is not a country for animals, elderly, or children either, they shit on marginalized communities and the only ones thriving in this country are a blind misogynistic man, that's all.

rapist fearless in india

The nation should not be surprised when one day the women of the entire country start demanding for a piece of land entirely for their own with no men, maybe only then can they live in peace.

What do you think can happen to these men that will deliver justice to Manisha? Nothing, I tell you nothing! These guys can rot in hell for centuries and she still would not be given justice because anything that will happen to these men will be because they deserve it but she did not deserve what happened to her.

But you know, if there is something that can be done to make some difference, which is to scare men. No, we are no longer going to plead for strict laws and punishment.

rapist fearless in india

Men must learn to live with the same kind of fear as we do, men must be afraid of doing what they do. They broke the spine? These men should face the same. They cut her tongue? Their tongues should be cut too. The only thing that should not happen to them is death, because that will be easy. They must be forced to live with a broken spine and a cut-off tongue with nobody to look after them and if they rot to death, well, then so be it, good riddance!

Note: We in no way is promoting violence but the officials of this country needs to understand that we are angry, the whole country is angry, and we demand punishments that must strike terror to those men.

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