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Why Krishna Never Married Radha Even Though They Were In Deep Love

Date: 2018-09-03 17:28:27

By Mansha

People often talk about Heer-Ranjha, Majnu-Laila but very few youths know about the "Prem Katha" of Radha-Krishna. Like in every story, there is a happily ever after but Radha-Krishna never had their happily ever after but they still were pretty much alive and in love all their lives even though they were miles apart. People often ask, if they were in that much love why did they never got married? What stopped them and how were they living their lives with this distance.


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They are known as Radha-Krishna as one, we never say Radha and Krishna because they are one their souls are one. Without Krishna, Radha is incomplete and without Radha, Krishna is incomplete. Even after so many decades or would say eras, we worship them as one (Radha-Krishna). We worship them as a couple but not as a married couple. We celebrate their love every year by chanting their names and worshipping them.


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Many studies were done and researchers researched about the fact that why they never got married, they say, Krishna never got married to Radha because he used to think and believe that marriage and love are two different things. In Vedas, its written that marriage is lawful commitment whereas love is a feeling, a selfless feeling where you promise to love that other person with all your heart. Radha and Krishna romantic tale is a model for teenagers where he says marriage is materialistic. Also, if we talk about Radha, her perspective was little different, she loved Krishna so much that she believed that he is god and she loved him as "bhakht". It is to be believed that Radha-Krishan love was more of a devotee and god love.


Radha and Krishna are not separate.

According to the Vedas, Radha isn't separate from Krishna. Ruler Krishna has different sorts of energies and you require two people to get hitched. Additionally, Radha is Lord Krishna's vitality, which completes him. In this manner, it is trusted that Radha and Krishna are two distinct signs of the divine standard.


To show the world that their love is real, they never got married. It has been said that it is the biggest devotion of love that Radha has done for Krishna. If you will read Vedas, you will see that they have said that no other love story can ever be compared to this because this is the purest and selfless love story that people would ever know about. Radha also turned him down because she thought she can never fit into his life, he was a god himself and she was a normal human being who loved him truly. On the other side, Krishna said how one soul could marry his own soul we are one. He told the world that their souls are one.



Isn't this is beautiful? This day is my kind of Valentines Day. Happy Janmashtami.

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