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Why LinkedIn Influencers Seem So Fake?

Date: 2020-10-20 11:02:33

By Manveen

linkedin influencer

Once upon a time, LinkedIn was cool, now is only relevant to build your profile up professionally. Most people assume that LinkedIn is to find job opportunities, but LinkedIn actually works as a community to build connections. Sounds absurd right? See the end goal is to help you land a job that is there. Apart from the SEO enabled job hunt, you connect with people that might influence you or help you as a connection or via a reference in the future.

Here is the tea, say you wanted to work at an XYZ company, now what if there is no vacancy there or even if there is, how do you make your profile stand out? It works on algorithms and numbers and truth be told, the quality does get ignored in the process. Sure, it saves time, but there is more to a candidate than just a resume, a portfolio is more important. Anyway, you can connect with the HR's of the company, the concerned person you want to work under, team lead, etc. And follow them for updates. You can even ask them to refer you for a position, if they deem your profile fit, they might will.

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Now that is about LinkedIn, but what is it about LinkedIn influencers? We cannot trust any influencers in general to be honest. Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, all of them are making money out of it and who is to blame them?

Where social media influencers get paid for their campaigns or for endorsing a product, LinkedIn influencer's content seems kind of sweet, polite, sensitive but to an extent even fake. Like how is it possible for somebody to be this sweet and considerate for no reason at all?

If you would have given interviews in real life you know that as a candidate you get judged on so many things and that HR's do not reach out of the way or bend themselves across the rainbow to do something for the candidate.

What is funny is that they are still writing long posts, the entire social media is using concise content, more visuals and brief stories but influencers on LinkedIn are still living in 2012 and they do not care enough to use visuals, write long posts (like we did once on Facebook) and begin their copywriting with "Today, something happened to me that changed my perspective" or "I took a chance on a candidate".


How many of you have actually made through interviews without being tested in endless ways and when it comes to negotiating money, the companies with the biggest mission and vision only want to pay peanuts. Why is that though? From personal experience, there are brands who claim themselves to be better than 60-year-old established brands when they are introducing themselves but want people to do an unpaid internship? Lol, so much for your revenue generation.

LinkedIn influencers are like parents who just woke up to blogger and influencer culture and are not creative enough. Nobody hires anybody without skills, nobody will ever offer to pay more, nobody ever offers to hire somebody by feeling sorry for them, in the end, it is a professional deal and that is what the company cares about.

If anybody has ever been hired because they were hardworking, dedicated, showed great leadership skills but lacked other skills and technical knowledge, please let us know. We would love to know that the world indeed is a wish-granting factory. If not, then let us know that too, share your interview stories in the comment section below.


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