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Why Indian Millennials Should Not Be Ashamed Of Their Language.

Date: 2021-02-14 12:45:02

By Manveen

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The most patriotic Indians might not know this so let us first clarify that, no, Hindi is not the official language of India. Most of the North speaks Hindi and agrees on it as a common language but it is not the official language of India.

Neither is English then which one is it?

If you ask us we will tell you how do you pick one language and convince everybody to acknowledge it as their own mother tongue?

However, most millennials tend to speak English, which is good for the urban class as this language becomes the common denominator of secular social circles. North to South, East to West, the educated converse in one dialect.

indian language

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Educated simply means somebody with proper schooling and a good knowledge of academics. However, this term educated is very commonly thought to describe the English speaking strata of the society. So what do you say, the ones who do not speak in English are not educated or what?

Do not forget that India is not a developed nation but a developing one. Kendriya Vidyalya is still a very popular school and the Hindi medium still prevails yet everybody feels their native language which of course, need not be Hindi, is a medium of making them look outdated and not hip at all.


indian language
Source: Youthkiawaaz

Language is just a medium of communication and not the communication itself. It is not possible for a child to grow in a Bengali household in Kolkata and not be able to associate himself with the Bengali dialect, sure his music preference can be western as can be his lifestyle choices but the fact that he feels disconnected from the language Bengali is a fact very less likely to be believed.

How can you deny a language that you have heard since you were born until one day the society told you it was uncool?

Guess what else is uncool, not being able to come to terms with one's own needs and wants. One need not glorify their culture to look like they care but to chide away from it behind the English language in the name of modernizing is killing the very essence of diversity found in India.

So it is our plea to each and every native of India, learn whatever you may and yes English is very important for us to learn and adapt with for international scopes, so do not miss out on it. But do not leave your roots behind, especially in India where there are multiple states and several religions and regions defining cultures. If Bihari language makes you feel like you are home, listen to the Bhojpuri music. The Bhojpuri industry needs an audience too. If you feel like speaking in Marwari, find a fellow Marwari to speak to.

But do not feel ashamed of your language, it is a part of our heritage, a part of you.


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