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Why Do Men Rape? Here's What Psychologists Have To Say.

Date: 2019-04-02 13:47:47

By TabloidXO Writers


One of the worst crimes which a person can commit. While sexual assault leaves no gender as an exception, research shows that men have committed more felonies of rape than women. But the question stands, why do people rape?


Psychologists have surveyed and observed that the criminals who are convicted of rape don't usually use the term or other terms like 'sexual assault' but when you ask them about the happenings; they merely say we had "non-consensual sex"

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That's where the problem begins.

The treatment of victims is something they can afford to neglect. The rapists thinks that the girl is shy and can't decide what she wants and that is why her 'no' means 'yes'.

In fact, it is so prevalent in our society that some people go ahead and blame the victim for inciting the rapist. Questions like "Where was she?" or "What was she wearing?" or "When did this happen?" just end being excuses for blaming the women.


Rapists start young with minor sexual assaults and complete disregard towards women. They are usually indulging in crimes for selfish motives like personal sexual satisfaction. The exposure to 'rape porn' which normalizes the idea of sexual assault can also largely influences their psychology, which ultimately leads them to believe that what they doing is a mere fulfilling of desire. Obviously, the individual traits also matter in such cases and circumstances can't be completely blamed. If the person is emphasized, then he is less likely to commit such a crime despite any circumstances they might have grown up in.


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The thing is that rapists don't belong to any one class or caste or region. They don't have a similar background and you can't just generalize them, but you can often generalize their motives or intentions, studies have shown that other than narcissism, vengeance is another factor which influences their mindset. If they are ever rejected by a girl at an earlier point in their lives, they consume their anger and unleash it when they commit the crime. They end up generalizing all women as 'her' and resort to violence. Most of the criminals don't even own up to their crimes. For them, 'forced penetration' is not the same as 'rape'. They, in most cases, don't see themselves as the bad guy and often rationalize it by either blaming the victim.



Ultimately, it is also largely the social conditioning where manhood is portrayed as something violent and predatory and women are supposed to fit into submissive roles where they are seen as something to be protected and do not have a say on their own. This conditioning also makes rejection a sensitive topic for rapists who usually clung to toxic masculinity. They feel it as an offense on their manhood if a woman rejects them.


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