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2021: Which Is Better Short Hair Vs Long Hair?

Date: 2021-03-25 13:09:31

By Manveen

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A great philosopher once said that life is nothing but not being able to decide which haircut suits you better and also we believe we are pretty great too so maybe you think we just made this up but you never know the future generation might think we are pretty great to come up with this. We are going to be great, talk for yourself.

Coming to the topic of the day, which is not technically a part of our body but life mein kaafi footage khaane wala part: hair.

short hair vs long hair

Maybe the reason hair demanded so much attention and care was because they were treated as a representation of your personality, unless and until you have long hair your femininity is put into question. Girls with short hair were looked down upon but we are so glad those days are behind us and are so thankful for all the crazy hair colours that have come up with time.

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Whilst some might argue that to be latest and up to date with fashion should be game we will simply tell you to choose whatever makes you feel comfortable. If you do not feel like yourself in short hair then there is no point to chop them, you probably just chopped your confidence out.

But with summers approaching, only God knows what a task it is to maintain even shoulder-length hair. They itch like a broom on your body or feel like a woolen scarf around your neck in an Arabian Night scenario and even if you make a bun on your head or a ponytail, that just invites in more headache. Short hairs are super comfy though.

short hair vs long hair

But what if there is a wedding around the corner or some sort of gala comes around and you need to you know make those fancy braided fairy tale kind of hairstyle. Short hair is super comfortable but is a difficult game to pull off with Indian ethnic and anyway Fashion is a multi-billion dollar company and they are not about comfort at all.

From last season onwards there was this wave of everybody chopping their hair really small and some even went for bob cuts or shaved one side and all of that looked pretty cool. Dye them on one side and braid them on another and what a staunch punk Feminist vibe it gives.


But that is also a mood, you know one day you feel like it and what if the other day you do not?


What if you miss looking, sissy?

Whatever the internet has to say let them if you have a sissy feminine personality nobody should ask you to change that just for the sake of trends. The internet should accept us all the same and the feeling of freshly washed hair and as you let them down, good god in heaven!

Even curling was a rage a little while back and short hair and curling irons are not duos that are famous for their compatibility.

Seems like short hair and long hair are just two opposite sides of the coin and there can never be an answer or a solution to it. However, if you find one, do let us know as well.


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