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Thoughts And Feelings You Go Through When Your Favourite Show Ends

Date: 2019-03-05 11:52:05

By Mansha

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Kya Aap Bhi, Netflix, Amazon Prime Ya Hotstar Se Addicted Hai? Agar Hai, Toh Apni Aankhen Screen Pe Rakhiye...

With an utmost excitement and sparkle in our eyes, we start to watch a new show with so many series in it and as excited as the producers of the show are, we get as excited as them. With the thought keeping in mind, few months would go with the new web series in our lives and within no time the characters become a very important part of our lives.

As soon as the show goes off air, we feel the hollowness in our lives with many other feelings and thought in our minds and hearts.


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Today I have come with thoughts and feelings, which we all experience when our favorite show finally leaves us:

On the last episode of the series: "Abh kal se main kya dekhungi/dekhunga"

Now, will they live happily ever after without any dramas or problems? I want their lives.
"Oh my god, last five minutes of this show"

"I will you miss you, you have filled my life with so much of excitement"

"Goodbye mere dost"

"And finally The End"

"Will wait for next season if it comes"

After it gets over:
"But wait, what happens to that girl who locked herself in that room"

"Yayyyy that means, the new season will come"

"But how will I wait for months"


"Why can't they put all the series at once"

"Kya jayega inka"

"Why they want us to kill in the suspense"

"Till then, what show will I watch"

"Back to ground zero, let's find a new show to watch"


"That was the best show (with tears)"

"Okay will watch this till the time the next season comes"

"Wait, it looks good"

"At least finish the first episode to know the introduction of this show"

"But no comparison"

"Timepass Karne ke liye I will watch this"



And in no time we all find our new favorite show. We have gone through some withdrawal symptoms for a while, but as they say, "life must go on"... because it is just the one series, which has ended, and I know Netflix will take care of their subscribers and will get a new show of our favorite series to keep us entertained.



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