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10 Things You Will Relate To When Your Elder Sibling Acts Kiddish

Date: 2019-02-21 11:47:47

By Manveen

If TVF's web series on Desi Indian families "Yeh Meri Family" could not sum it up, god knows who will. The whole relationship between the two brothers is so apt except in certain cases. Yes 90% of the time it is the same case, but the other ten percent exists too, where the younger one is more in charge, more responsible, here is to them:

1. Bullying is a part of your life.

Your elder sibling's one true nourishment is your peace of mind and they ensure that all of it goes to them. You cannot recall a day when they did not bully you or you feel the sunset somewhere in the west when they do not bully you.


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2. So is low self-esteem.

With years of bullying, you developed very petty self-esteem, before anybody else undervalues you, you stop them and save them the time and effort. You do that to yourself more than anybody else could ever do.


3. You adult more than you should.

You have to look around your elder sibling and you feel like you grew before your time, the things they should be responsible for, you have learned to be accountable for those things.


4. Parent to an overgrown kid.

You might not have a child, but your elder sibling and looking after them sure feels the same, probably the reason you would not want to have a child is because, you have had to look after your elder sibling where they should be the ones looking after you.


5. Call it charity if you may.

They suck and all that is there, but what sucks even more so is that you are forced to use their retired stuff and they get to feel benevolent out of the charity they have done to you, which truly is a source of misery to you.


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6. No sense of entitlement.

Pretty much all that you have is second handed by your elder sibling and you do not even feel connected to your stuff.


7. How can you get anything good or expensive?

When anything good happens to you, you diss it outright because it cannot happen to you and even if it does you secretly start preparing yourself for the worst to come because good stuff or expensive stuff is taken care off by your elder sibling who ensures that it comes to you via them.


8. You are expected to be messed up.

If your elder sibling's bullying exceeds the house, then people in your locality and school expect you to be the same loony bin too. Talk about fitting shoes!



9. Embarrassment is an old friend.

This is as common to you as breathing, be it a social situation or a close get together your elder sibling is bound to behave crazily and embarrassment is always the cake you eat every fucking time.


10. Sharing is not always caring.

Probably the worst is that if by chance once in a blue moon you get anything nice and fancy, then guess, whom do you have to share it with?




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