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What Men Really Think About Your Makeup, Here Are The Answers We Got.

Date: 2019-04-30 15:45:12

By TabloidXO Writers

Like painting any other canvas is considered a form of art, make-up is also like art. There are so many videos of it available online which guide on how to do it right, but the thing with make-up is that it can be very tricky. One should maintain a balance between light and heavy make-up as overdoing it not only hides your natural beauty, but is also not seen as attractive by the boys. Make-up is an art to enhance the natural beauty of your features and not change it into something else like cosmetic surgery. Like while buying clothes you have to see what style suits you and your body type the best, similarly while choosing make-up you have to make sure that it suits you and your complexion. Choose one that helps you to stand unique instead of one which just bolds your features to the extent they change you.


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And contrary to popular beliefs, boys do notice the girls and their make-ups. Here are some things which we have heard boys say about make-up which is an overdo-

"We want to see the real you."

"It's a bit sad that the woman doesn't feel comfortable in her own skin."


"We like you for who you are, no matter what."

"It makes you look like someone taking a break from their ramp walk."

"While it might suit on certain occasions, but trying to pull off an over-do on a daily basis just seems like a needless effort."


"Too much makeup just takes away your natural appearance instead of adding it."

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"I feel like a smile is the best feature on a woman. So, instead of covering it up with distracting makeup I feel like they should give more value to it."


"I get it, my girlfriend too likes to wear makeup, even though she is just as beautiful without it, but she only does it to hide her blemishes. She never overdoes it."

"I personally like to kiss a real girl, not a mask."

"I feel like if I am able to notice your makeup, then it might be a little too much for a daily basis."


"In my opinion, the kind of makeup the girl wears tells a lot about her personality. If I see a girl with exaggerated makeup on a regular day, my brain automatically assumes that she likes a bit of attention and is trying to hide something at the same time."


"I like make-up, seriously. It can be very transformative and attractive but I like a girl who does it only for certain occasions. I mean, I fall for her daily and then she comes out with make-up once in a while and knocks the air out of my lungs all over again. Not that she is not attractive without it!"

So girls, next time you pull that make-up kit out, remember that as fun as doing it is, try to maintain a balance between your natural attractiveness and your makeup skills.

Also, you are beautiful either way!



Feature Image: Pixabay

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