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The Concept Of Love In This Generation Is Like 2 Minutes Maggi, Shuru Hote Hi Khatam.

Date: 2020-09-10 16:49:45

By Manveen

Avril Lavigne in one of her songs quoted, "Love hurts whether it is right or wrong". But our question to her is, how can it hurt if it only lasts for like two minutes?

Truthfully speaking, even Maggi does not get ready in two months. How can you cook a love story in the same time frame? From writing love songs to swiping on Tinder, the entire world did change. We are living in times when everything happens via an application. Food? Entertainment? Work? Love? What is next, breathing via an application as well? Actually, there are applications reminding people to drink water and asking them to meditate? When did we become this dependent on something created by us? Today, if you lose your phone, you literally lose your daily life with it. Leave social media, you cannot drive or travel without Google Maps, we cannot learn without YouTube.

love in this generation

There are certain things in life that demand to be felt. For centuries we operated without technology and applications and we had lived just about fine. When we were working less, we were feeling more. When we were devoid of the comforts of technology, we were sharing more. We were expressing more. Our generation is probably the most depressed one. After the wars, people were sad, hurt, homeless, etc, but we are too depressed to get out of bed. We have love at the click of a finger yet we are depressed.

love in this generation

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As an individual, no one person is at fault. It is the ecosystem that we have built and it is our interdependence with it that has brought us here, loveless. We are so used to of comfort and convenience in every possible way that the minute something offers a challenge, we are more likely to run than to sit and figure it out. As children when we started switching to calculators instead of solving the sum ourselves, we began on this discourse. Love is not easy; it is not supposed to be as having to set our fingers on mobile screens. Nothing easy in life is worth it.

If you are looking for a hookup then do not confuse it with love. These two concepts are poles apart. Liquor companies directly cannot promote alcohol directly which is why they make, sell and advertise their sodas, CD, etc. Similarly, Tinder cannot promote hookups directly, whence it uses the whole context of love. But love, my friend happens naturally, after putting efforts, getting to know somebody, wanting to grow with them, not via the convenience of an app that delivers in two minutes.


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