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We Girls Dare You Guys! Let's Swap Our Work For Just 1 Day.

Date: 2019-06-19 12:43:58

By Manveen

"I want that day when women take full command over men's responsibilities and men take up women's roles only to realize the struggles of being a woman."


It begins the same way for most people in an urban setup, first, there is school, then higher education with Boards, college next, masters if they may, job, marriage, kids and then a happy life commences. Sounds like a fair deal if you read it; it would be a fair deal if it were actually the case.


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It is like this only, except there are a few changes. For example, as a girl one must apply for a job in a bank or for a teacher's position so that they are back by the afternoon and can take over their domestic chores, but no such suggestion for the men, they can take up arms against the neighboring countries, trot the entire globe, work in the entertainment industry or whatever pleases them.

Coming to kids, the word "parents" signifies a team of two people responsible for raising a child, but mostly the role falls on the mother. Sure the father wins the daily bread pays the bill but another bill that is also paid is by the mother, the curry served next to the championed bread is not just earned but cooked and prepared by the mother. As a woman in an Indian household, the choice becomes very clear cut. Either they can have a career or children and if they dare to have both, they struggle everyday to make the ends meet.


The father gets tired from the office and cannot help the child with homework so the mother has to fulfill the designation. But the mother came back from the office too, didn't she?
And she is tired too, she had to come back and prepare the dinner as well, then why cannot she excuse the homework too?


The men get up in the morning and go to the office. Women get up in the morning, prepare breakfast, cook lunch for both the man and herself, pack tiffin, clean the house, wash clothes, get ready and then go to the office.

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The only way men will understand that this is not easy is if they have to do the same thing. To be honest, it is not fair to expect so much out of one person. If women can keep a job and maintain a house, then why it is that man is always excused if they fail to maintain a clean house and a well-kept kitchen?


They eat food too, so they should learn to cook as well. It is not as if women took some culinary classes in the womb. If men can wear clothes they can learn how to wash and iron them as well, women are not doing a part-time diploma learning all the domestic chores. They are working and maintaining a house simultaneously, so why cannot men do the same?


Why are men excused, but not women?
The penis is not the answer.


If women can go and conquer the world, reach the skies, set up empires and win gold and compete with men in every way then what are men so afraid of in the kitchen?

Maybe women are not the weaker sex because they clearly are putting more on the table than men are so maybe it is men who are the weaker one or the anxious one who do not have enough confidence in them to run a healthy house and life just by themselves.


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