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Make Your Long Distance Relationship Less Difficult And More Interesting.

Date: 2019-01-07 14:26:21

By Mansha

Long distance relationship is harder than we think! You cannot able to touch each other, not able to have meals together and even not able to celebrate biggest milestones of the lives together - it hurts a lot. At times loneliness cover you in its blanket and it seems to be difficult to come out of that feeling but also feeling of love control you in every manner, you manage to work everything out just for the sake of love which you have in your heart for the other person but we know, at times it seems to be impossible to make the other person happy from miles apart.

Today we have come with some easy ways that will help you to make your long distance relationship less boring and more interesting...

Long Distance Relationship Idea 1: Plan surprises:

Everyone loves surprises and it is even more special when your partner makes you feel special. Surprises can be of various things like sending good morning flowers with a sweet note that would bring the biggest smile on their faces or booking a nice meal for them in their favorite restaurant with their best friends or family and many more according to your partner's tastes and likes.


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Long Distance Relationship Idea 2: Pamper them by gifts:

Here I am not talking about expensive gifts, a sweet photo frame with you both together, a dress or a shirt that they wanted and you know about it, and a book of their favorite author or it might be a nice spa therapy. This will make them happy about the feeling that you still have them in your mind and heart.


Long Distance Relationship Idea 3: Sleep over video call or call:

Times come when you miss each other's faces and you crave to be together but distance stops you to do that which results as excessive irritation and mood swings. They say when you share your sleep with your partner everything gets calm and sorted. So sleep together over a call or on a video call, the next day you will feel more relaxed and closer to that person.


Long Distance Relationship Idea 4: Talk dirty:

In a relationship, lack of intimacy causes lack of interest and lust, which affects your love life. Talk dirty to maintain that spark in your relationship.


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Long Distance Relationship Idea 5: Plan a surprise visit:

Seeing each other after months is a relief to heart and soul. Plan a surprise visit and you would see a smile on his or her face and feeling of relaxation within you.


Long Distance Relationship Idea 6: Tease each other:

Healthy teasing is the key to intimacy; tease each other with a bit of salt of flirting. This would help you both to remain connected to each other.



Long Distance Relationship Idea 7: Share feelings:

When you miss him or her, just say it and be expressive about it because keeping that inside of you would only make you depress and uneasy. Sharing things with each other helps you both to be mentally connected and physically satisfied.


Long Distance Relationship Idea 8: Old is gold (love letters):

Write down your feelings, wishes and desires on the paper and send it to them. Love letters never get out of fashion; its sparkle would be the same even after the centuries. Make their day brighter by your loving words.


Long Distance Relationship Idea 9: Plan for next time you meet:

Countdown maintains the excitement, plan where you both would go and would do when you will meet each other next. Plan everything in advance so that you don't have to waste your time later to decide what to do?



Long Distance Relationship Idea 10: Play online games:

They are various games for people to play together even if they are miles apart. Download such games and beat each other there, in this way you will make some new memories as well.


Long Distance Relationship Idea 11: In the world of Netflix:

Top-tier long distance relationship tip is: Buy a dual membership of Netflix and see a romantic and mushy picture together. Movie dates never get out of fashion.



They say if the love is true then anything else doesn't matter but sometimes distance makes it difficult to resist. Try these new ways and let us know if we managed to help you to make your relationship exciting.

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