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11 Types Of Relatives We All Have In Our Families

Date: 2019-02-05 13:04:32

By Mansha

Have you ever come across the dialogue from any of your relatives in the wedding that, "Mujhe kisi ne pucha nahi" or have you ever witness a relative doing a naagin dance after getting drunk. If yes then you will definitely get what I would start writing now.

Every relative has a sub-type which describe them as a person and defines their nature, like, "buaji won't come on at least one function because of bhai unko kisi ne importance di hi nahi" and we have many other relatives who have different sub-types.

Today I have come with explaining the types of relatives that we all have in our lovely and "shandaar khandaan"...

"Nosy buaji":

This type of buaji love to poke her nose in everyone's work, she doesn't feel satisfied until she annoys someone badly like she won't stop saying to a single woman that beta gets married. If she is after you then she will be after you till the wedding gets over.


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"Chiller bua":

If one buaji would be annoying then the other one would be a damn chiller. She would drink and dance like there is no tomorrow. "bhagwaan aisi bua sabko de"


"Bindaas maasi":

They say, "maasi = maa jaisi" she would be the bindaas one among all the relatives. By bindaas I meant, she would be the happiest one by seeing you happy and she will enjoy every bit of it. Also, she tries to build a strong friendship with your friends too.


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"Sadu fufaji":

They are famous for being "naraaz" at tiny teeny things. The whole khandaan is scared from them ki "naa jaane kaunsi baat pe naraaz ho jaye". Every member of the family gives them the highest attention.


"Eligible bachelor cousin":

This cousin is the most eligible bachelor of your family who is not ready to get married but all the family members are eager to get him married. He runs away from the marriage as cats run away from dogs.


"Beautiful and eager to get married":

She is the daughter of the family who is like kareena kapoor from jab we met, who can't wait to get married but "kya kare acha ladka milta hi nahi because of expectations high hai na".



Tensed mamaji:

He is always worried about "bache bigad naa jaye", every kid in the family is scared of him but also he is the most loved and respected person of the family.


"Pyaari dadi":

Dadi's are famous for their love and care. "Jaha mummy's darti hai waha hum bache masti karte hai apni pyari dadi ke saath".


"Moti nani":

"Nani ke ghar jayenge mote hoke aayenge", nani is famous for making us eat like a walking dustbin.


"Caring bade bhaiya":

This type of bhaiya will hide all your dirty secrets as his own and will take care of you as a second father.



"Chalak bhabhi":

This one is epic and most common in many households. This type of bhabhi loves to plot things against everything.


If we have missed any relative then let us know by commenting down...

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