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10 Things You Will Relate To If You Travel By Public Transport.

Date: 2019-07-31 11:48:45

By TabloidXO

It's a task, but "Umm", its somewhat an enjoyment because of you get to see different characters which make your day, sometimes it can be worse, it all depends on your luck, to be frank! So, here are 10 things you will definitely go 'Yes, that's relatable' if you travel by public transport and know the daily hassles that come with it.

1. The rainy season is going to the shittiest.

You have got to be prepared for monsoons. If you're living in a metro city, it's going to treat you like hell.


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2. You'll have to wait.

Long waits. Long unexpected waits that will delay your presentation, make you reach to college late and have your impression go down because you were late. We've all waited for at least half an hour while commuting through public transport. If you know, you know!

3. Learning to find your way through crowds.

Getting pushed by the rush, having others bodies too close in contact that weirds you out, I mean at one point we all learn to find our ways through push and pull.


4. Every day hassle.

It is an everyday hassle. Depressing at times, frustrating at others. We all can relate to the early morning finding a rickshaw or catching bus stress.

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5. Struggling to hear from the speaker when you travel through local trains.

Railway stations should hand out a guidebook to map us with their announcements and train arrival platforms. Nobody can ever understand their goddamn accent.


6. Rickshaw drivers driving like they own the roads.

Because why not? All rowdy rickshaw walas into action.

7. Breaking down at one point because you've got more rejection from cabs than your base.

You just have to deal with it. Everyone will vouch for this.


8. Never forget to tie your hair.

Messy hair doesn't care - won't work here! If you're a girl or have long hair, just tie it because if you don't, it's harder than entangling those earphones!


9. Everybody somehow manages to find their space.

Even with the crowd of the hundreds, we all somehow manage to find space to fit in. It's crazy and a happy thing to celebrate about. Public transport makes you learn to settle for anything.


10. Sweat, other people's sweat, your own sweat.

It's simply disgusting and we all know-how we've felt when that uncle stretched his arm out for us to literally die of his underarm sweat smell.


It makes you tough for life. If you haven't experienced that hassle, you should. Live the best of both the worlds.


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