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TikTok Or YouTube, Which Is Better? TikTok Gets You Fame Easily But...

Date: 2020-05-12 13:05:23

By Manveen

Which is better, YouTube or TikTok?

That's the most important question which everybody wants to unveil after Kattappa ne Baahubali ko kyo maara? Let's find out!


If you open WhatsApp now, then there is the classic Good Morning message followed by several TikTok videos of couple fake fighting, arguing over who is going to wash utensils, men complaining about their wives becoming shrew, old uncles missing their wine and whiskey, aunties cribbing about endless utensils to wash, etc.

For those people who hate TikTok, they have been struck with two pandemics. One is Covid-19 and the other is the surge in Tiktok creating, sharing, and distribution. Regardless, people who once swore that they will never use TikTok are dancing to random tunes and making videos now so what can we say!

tiktok famous

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The reason TikTok is witnessing a rise is because it is much easier to use. It is a user-friendly platform. You can make a top-notch dance and singing videos and upload it on YouTube, but YouTube sells things that are much aesthetically pleasing. It has to look premium to be a seller on YouTube, whereas you could be dancing on the road and make and upload a TikTok but it will still circulate.

YouTube requires a lot of video editing and is a time-consuming platform. YouTube works on algorithms whereas TikTok is yet to include that. TikTok is like the Maggi of all content creating and sharing apps. It is instant and easy to understand.

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TikTok has several inbuilt features that enable a beginner to have a roadmap and because TikTok is so vast, it has something for everyone. It has music, dance, comedy, and even action. TikTok users only post very short videos from a couple of categories like acting, lip-sync, and dancing while YouTube allows to upload long videos from many categories.

Again, if movies and sitcoms are a full meal, then TikTok is Maggi in that sense.

The biggest selling point of TikTok is that it is plain entertainment. You do not need to sit with a laptop and transcribe or video edits your content. Even adding filters and all is so easy. Once you make a video on TikTok you can share it so easily with others as well and that too on other platforms.

tiktok vs youtube

YouTube feels like a more professional blogging platform, whereas TikTok seems like a way to pass the time, and entertain yourself and others at the same time.

Recently, TikTok star Aamir Siddiqui uploaded a video on Instagram in where he compares YouTubers Vs TikTokers and criticized India's YouTube community.

Aamir Siddiqui is uploading skits on TikTok for a year now, beyond the shadow of a doubt, the below video now must have been his most viral video.


Although, that was crystal clear, in response to the video; there will be someone from the YouTube creator community who will blast Aamir for his baseless, & impulsive video.

Ajey Nagar famously known as Carriminati came as a messenger on behalf of all the Indian YouTubers, he tore Aamir clumsily worded script in his video. Carryminati video has garnered more than 54 million views in 4 days and has bagged him lakhs of followers from his video YOUTUBE VS TIK TOK: THE END.

Lastly, we hope now you know which platform is better.


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