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TikTok Ban In India - Good Or Bad?

Date: 2020-07-01 13:16:56

By Manveen

India banned 59 Chinese apps. While some are not affected by it because they never used any of those, others are a little too disheartened. Girls-Shein, Kids-TikTok, and for the other apps we have other options.

tiktok ban
Source: Gizdot

Some people are actually applauding the TikTok ban as they merely viewed it as some nuisance. However, we cannot deny that many were making money from TikTok. Yes, these kids aged 10-12 years old actually made money in the thousands. The older ones in lakhs. As qualified adults would go to work and log in to Social Media in their breaks or way back home and cringe at the name of TikTok, these children were making more than the people who were cringing upon them. Sadly, this is true.

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Many parents are happy with the ban of TikTok. One tiktoker recently committed suicide and it kind of also puts TikTok in a bad light for Indian parents. But here is another thought, what if one day India banned Instagram for any possible reason? Many content creators would lose their jobs too. Yes, you can mock them and call it superficial, but our generation has witnessed a culture with another kind of celebrities, celebrities like food bloggers, illustrators, fashion influencers, even meme makers, what would happen to them? You have to think about the fact that as childish as that population might be, they are affected. Another point, TikTok saw a rise during the lockdown so for all it is worth, it also gave people some entertainment during the darkest of days.

Boys can make fun of Shein shutting and how that will affect girls. One thing we would like to say is that Shein started erasing a barrier. High street brands are costly for the Indian middle class and looking fashionable and trendy was restricted to only the rich because of how much they could spend. Shein gave trendy clothing and the best of fashion accessories and made it affordable for many. It was a big step, many noticed it, and many did not, it's all about perspective.


It is not just girls. Shein had a big demand in India whence it also managed a big production chain and supply chain. Did you stop to think about what will happen to them? We are complaining about unemployment then why are we gloating about this? Any and every business affects more than its direct employees and consumers. There is a supply chain, manufacturing unit, production house, etc that suffer the consequence.

If the ban is good or not, is still up for deliberation. The real question is, will the government actually ban Chinese goods? Banning merely some apps is just a lollipop in their trying times to avoid questions. The Indian economy is heavily dependent on Chinese goods. The traders from Gujarat will be the first to cripple in India ever things to ban China. Frankly, you either ban China completely or you do not. Banning apps are just a way of looking like the officials have done something when actually they have not and are really fooling everybody. Oh, wait, for bhakts, demonetization and Covid-19 lockdowns were still super-duper hit by the people in power.

Sonu Sood did more actually.


Another thing, all the apps that are banned can still submit a report of the evaluation to the government to release the ban. Hoping, it is not a lollipop to divert the public from the actual problems!


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