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TikTok Users This Is For You. Beware!

Date: 2019-06-30 15:22:02

By Manveen

First of all, the fact that Tik-Tok is such a hit in India only goes to show how unemployed people are. But wait, that is not the worst part, the worst is they are so comfortable with the same fact, the fact that they would rather make a Tik-Tok than do anything productive, it is the one out of many things that should worry everybody.

Now if TikTok users wants to rant about "live and let live" and "this gives us happiness, and all", then try telling the Madras Government the same and truth being told we are with them on this note.


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Ki-Ki challenge was one dumbass challenge where people risked their own safety along with so many others on the road just to make a video and Tik-Tok is just another upgrade to that. People have died, yes. This one man in Punjab had the best idea ever to make a Tik-Tok with his tractor and while he was recording, he slipped and came under the tractor and died. So is this what you are worth it? Is this what your life is worth? Does your family deserve a child who is dumb enough to kill themselves for a dumbass video?


A mother of two committed suicide because her husband forbade her to make Tik-Tok. On any other day, we would say women should make their own decisions, but what here we want to tell you all is that this man had the brains to forbade her but the woman lacked a brain in general. Hope the company funding Tik-Tok, sponsors that woman's children's lifestyle and education.

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Can you believe it that people are dying because of a damn video?


See, here's a point, Tik-Tok is one app, if used wisely can be good for you and anybody using that without being aware (in short, a Dumbass person) is much more lame. Try eavesdropping someday, people around you probably joke about you for using this app and then if you want to be adventurous and put your life at risk, just give your phones to a responsible adult in charge because you clearly cannot look after yourself.

When Dubsmash came it was okay, fun for a while and that became outdated and then came Tik-Tok, so technically it is an outdated app that you guys are raging over and do you want to look back in the past and think that at one point you used to make Tik-Tok videos?

For your future self only, please stop risking your life just for that goddamn video and just for those thousands of views.



Is your life so cheap in comparison to TikTok videos? I hope not. And if you think you are showing creativity through Tik-Tok and calling yourself a creator, then mate, I need to aware you,

"You are terribly mistaken."

The creators put a meaning to the art and bring something into EXISTENCE, and they do not indulge themselves in a risky situation where they know will harm themselves.

Even in Bollywood also, the stunts are performed by professional and even if any actor do so, they are made sure that the stunts are performed under professional's guidance.


TikTok Users, Open your eyes and, especially, brain!


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