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Things You Will Relate To If You Are Also That 'Hungry Soul' Trapped In 'Aj Kya Khaau Yaar'

Date: 2018-11-26 17:08:24

By Mansha

Hungry is an only word where we feel cranky like a kid and food is the only word which makes us happy and excited as no one can but at times when you are really hungry but not sure what to have, it happens with you as well or am I the only person may be from another planet? If yes then you can relate to me that how impatient, cranky, annoyed and sad we become when hunger crashes our stomach but mind still doesn't know what to have. It's much important dilemma or problem we face in comparison to any other problem in this entire universe because the food is what keeps us alive or we are alive only to have amazing food from which we all surrounded with.

Thoughts that come into your mind when you are damn hungry but confused what to have or order...

"I am hungry, let's see what we have in the kitchen"
(Opens fridge) "Why they can't cook something nice in this house (koi bimaar hai kya)"...

(Opens pantry or cupboards) "Great we have nothing here (why can't we keep something eatables here apart from biscuits)"...

"Abh kya khau", let's order something"

"Wait, we have Maggie."


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"No, I am bored of Maggie"

"What about popcorn?"

"Too boring yaa.."

"Okay, then let's order something"

"uugghhhh but what"

"hmmm I think I can have Italian"

"But I had a few days back only"

"What about Chinese?"


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(While looking at you) "Let's eat at home only otherwise gym instructor would again get angry"

"Okay, last day of eating from outside"

"Pizza (sudden smile appears)"

"But too oily and fat"

"Order something less oily and fat idiot"

"ohhh god (cranky face)"




(Urge to cry) "What I want"

"mummaaaa I am hungry (mom in the rescue)

"No fruits yaaa"

"I have to do it myself only"

"Okay, choose one (pizza, Maggie or Chinese)"

"hmmm Indian also sounds good!"


"(More cranky) Why I am this much confused"

"It is just food, not an IAS exam idiot"

"Okay I will go with pizza at least it will come on time"

(Opens the app or about to call)

"I can't wait more I am very hungry"

"I will go with Maggie"

"Idiot I have wasted so much of my time"



Hunger drives us crazy and we can't control that. Right guys? Oh god, now I am hungry and going to think again "What to order"... So you will hear and read me on next post. Toodles till then...

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