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For Indians, Live-in Relationship Is A Sin. Is It Time To Bring The Change In Thinking For Better?

Date: 2019-04-19 16:49:54

By TabloidXO Writers

"Live-in relationship is neither a crime nor a sin."

Yes, YES. A THOUSAND TIMES YES. We need to bring the change in our thinking. Isn't it a popular quote that, 'change is the only thing constant in this world?'
According to Charles Darwin, humans survived because of their ability to adapt. I am not saying we all will die if we don't let couples be in live-in, but all I am saying is that, "It is not wrong." Indians slowly and convincingly are accepting the change; Consciously or not, Indians are welcoming the idea of a foreign culture where they can know more about their partners, although the idea looks a bit far-flung but not afar.

Now, coming back to the first line of this article, do you know who said those lines?

The Supreme Court.

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So, here are some reasons that we should bring a change in our thoughts when it comes to live-in relationships:

1. It is none of our business.

Honestly, we the people of India believe in liberty, so who are we even to decide what is ideal for a couple and what is not. We, as a society, really ought to understand the space between public and private, and freedom of taking one's own decision. We do not have to peep inside everybody's life, every time.


2. Every relationship is different.

Stop comparing someone's life with someone who doesn't even know each other so well. We cannot generalize each and every relationship. We can't say that 'hey, arranged marriage worked out for me and it should for you too!'' because no two people are the same, not even twins.


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3. Experience a commitment before committing.

We all know what a big deal it is to get married and then to make sure it works out. Isn't it more practical to know whether you are compatible living with the person you think is your soul mate for life before you settle down with them indefinitely?


4. Know each other on an intimate level.

You probably know all that you have told each other, but what about the little things which we notice on our own? How can you know the person intimately if you haven't formed an opinion of them on your own?


5. Know your mutual competence.

You will probably raise a family together. It is the biggest teamwork that there is. Hasn't it matured to know how you work together tackling life's problems instead of just knowing each other's favorite color and food? How differently, you will react to the problems you both face together as a couple? Will you be able to work it through?



6. Stop looking at the couple as if they committed a crime:

Again saying, "Jab Supreme Court ko problem nahi hai to apko kyo?" Kindly cooperate and let them live freely without making yourself there bad luck.


Love is the most beautiful feeling in the world. Why do we let it get soiled by our little things? Our society has always restricted love. No inter-caste marriage, no love marriage, no marriage out of religion and so on. If we are slowly fighting all these social norms, why should the live-in relationship be far behind?

The courts have legalized it, now it is our turn to normalize it.


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