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Thoughts Girls Have About Her New Family Before Getting Married.

Date: 2019-07-04 16:13:37

By Mansha

In our country, marriage is never between a couple, it is a life long commitment between two families as well where two families become relatives or friends from strangers, but it is the bride who feels pressure about being liked and loved from her in-laws because of which she goes through various thoughts and dilemmas.

Shifting to a new house between new people is not as easy as it sounds. It needs a hell of courage and support from her new family as well. Before marriage, every girl goes through these feelings like "how will I live without my parents and siblings", "what if I won't able to stay that far from them" and the list goes on and on, it has no ending to her thoughts.

Today I have come with a very much same list of thoughts that every girl has about her new family before shifting to her new home...

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"Wow, I am fixed. Can't wait to start my new phase of life,"

"Will he love me the way I want to be loved,"

"Will he understand me and support me when I would need him the most,"

"I know he will, after all, we would my man."


"Can't wait to be called as Mrs. from Miss"

"Wait, I have to leave my parents,"

"How will live far from them,"

"Who will pamper me like them,"


"Will my father-in-law hug me in the same way as my father has been doing since the day I have been born and who will guide when I would be lost,"

"Mumaaa, how will I live without her? Who will take care of me when I would be unwell, who will teach me cooking and help me when I would ruin every dish?"


"How will I live without my brothers, they are the ones who have taught me to fall and rise. They have loved me in the way as no one has ever done. What will I do without them?"

"And my sister, with whom I will gossip at late nights and with whom I will share my Maggie,"

"This is all happening so soon,"

"Can't I stay for some more years with my own family,"


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"What if I would never be able to win my mother-in-law's heart? I really want her to love me. I will do everything to win her,"

"What about my sisters-in-law? I really want a sisterly bond with them as I have with my sisters. Please do love me and accept me in the way I am and I promise I will be the best sister,"

"But I think this is for the best,"


"Mamma left her house, bhabhi came to this house and then my sister went from our house to her house and now it is my turn,"

"I know it would be awesome, after all having a companion is so great with whom you can share everything,"

"Love has the power and from that power, I will make my new house a home,"

"Can't wait to be a bride to my prince charming,"



"And marriage doesn't mean that my parents or siblings would forget me. Still, I will be their princess"

"Wifey mode on,"

"Can't wait for all the festivities to start."


Every girl goes through mixed feelings where she is sad about leaving her childhood memories behind, but also she is excited and delighted about being someone's love and heart.

Marriage is not the end; it is the beginning of new life and new phase.


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