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The Thought Process Between A Vegetarian And A Non - Vegetarian

Date: 2018-07-24 17:41:08

By Erica

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I am a chicken lover but I have some ghaas pooos friends and I've said so many things to them successfully bagging a glare, eye-roll and CHUP KAR!

So, for all those people who live on greens, my heart goes out to you, it really does even if you think it's not needed because I still don't understand how you could pass a plate of chicken without breathing in the aroma.

1. "Main 'ghaas phoos' nahin khati! It's called vegetables"

I honestly think people should stop saying ghaas phoos - even though I said it twice already. It is rude and let them live healthily.

2. "I am not living healthy!"


Oh, right. Every vegetarian does not equal to a healthy eater.

3. The unfair bill paying game


Chicken always costs more than a paneer tikka masala... .what's up with that? Anyway, I know how unfair it is to our veggie buddies when there is group outing and at the end of the night, we split the bill. Technically they should be paying like a 100 but they end up paying 800 or more. Sorry guys.

4. The limited menu crisis


Probably happy with the limited choice but even if you want a change the best you can do is go from fries to masala fries. It's the usually every single time if you go to your regular restaurant - paneer butter masala, roti, fries (maybe) aur ek paani ka bottle.

5. Sometimes, excluded from all plans

Everyone knows you won't want to eat here and there. That's too small, the choice is limited and so on. So, unfortunately, you are left out.

6. I can't taste. But they will


I've noticed this. I do this! I will take a bite of my vegan friend's double cheese roll, tear a piece of butter naan and dip it in paneer butter masala (is there anything else you guys can eat?) and also poke my fork into a Veg Manchurian ball just to know how it tastes. Oh, but she can never touch my chicken fried rice and chilly chicken. So, I`m good but half her food ends up in other people's stomachs seated at the same table

7. What shall I order for them?


When a murgi ka deewana tells you to place the order while he parks the car, you run in order your yummy veggies and turn the menu over to order something equally tasty for your friend but it's like a game of thrones on paper - laminated. You don't understand! There are so many items to choose from.

8. Treating friends is expensive

You'd rather keep your success story a secret than end up taking your friends for a treat because even if you make a mental bill, it will be five times that.

9. Nobody asks you to cook except when they need a salad.

Fair, since chicken has to marinated and in the first place touched! So, you should be happy to help instead of offended when asked to make a simple salad.

10. People assume vegetarians have a no-touch rule when non-vegetarians bite into chicken legs.


One time in school a friend told me via another girl (because girls just cannot talk directly) that I couldn't sit with them. My undying love for chicken made them uncomfortable. One told me I couldn't touch her! Since then I used to ask people if it was okay if I ate chicken with them and they'd just look at me blankly.

So...not everyone is crazy. Just tell us though if it is okay or not to be in the presence of chicken.

11. "Agar ek side aag hai, aur ek side meat. . . what will you do?"


The what will you do game probably gets on their nerves! For sure it does. I mean who comes up with such weird choices!

12. "Par . . . kyun????"

I've asked this question. Everyone does. Another one that annoys them. They just love the food they choose and that should be enough.

13. "Animal lover hai kya?"

Another confusion that will never ever be cleared

14. "Is it a dharam thing?"

15. "What if your girlfriend/ boyfriend was a non-vegetarian? Would you still . . . you know. . . would you?"

He/she is allowed to eat anything and everything. It's true love. Don't be silly.

Dear vegans, I hope I didn't hurt anybody but brought out how you guys really feel. But, it would feel really weird if your friends stopped stealing little pieces of your food, wouldn't it? So don't mind the silly questions, I could write a whole list on what non-vegetarians go through and next time someone fires a question at you, you fire one at them. Shot for the shot! What's say?

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