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10 Reasons Third-Wheeling Is Actually Fun With Your Favorite Couple.

Date: 2019-07-08 12:08:09

By Mansha

It feels worst when your best friend gets committed but you remain single. The feeling of being single when your best friend is being too cozy and romantic with his or her new founded love, is like, living every day in jealousy that why that person giving your part of attention and love to that person, right people?

Also, with these feelings, it brings fun and entertainment. You get a free pass to roam around with them as a third wheeler and best part is, your best friend has no problem with that and their partners also accept you as the member of their family. You are like a kid, which they adopted.

Reasons, why third wheeling is actually fun...

New partner to pull his or her leg:

You love to irritate your best friend by taking a good case of his or her and it is even more fun when you have a partner in crime, who will help you to pull his or her leg with extra wittiness.


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Late night parties are more fun:

Group of three is a group of musketeers and every party gets lit when you three are spotted together because a new member brings security and new friendships.


More of inside jokes:

You and your best friend had always some kind of inner jokes, which only you guys could have to understand but guess what? Now a new partner has come with a few extra inner jokes, which will make your life more entertaining and extra masala in it.


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No stag entry problems:

Only because you have a real couple with you, no club would say no for the entry because there are no stags anymore.


They will be your love gurus:

They will teach you everything about relationships, practically. They will help you to find the one and would help you to win the game.


They got your back:

First, you had only one supporter in all your stupidities but now, you will be having two of your favorite people, who will support and love you no matter what.


You have your own photographer:

Now, you have a person to click your best photos with your best friend. No more, random shouts to strangers for that perfect click.



Mediator in all of their fights:

You will be a spectator of the most entertaining fights of your life and also, you will get the chance to decide, who is at fault and who isn't? Ultimate fun.


Full view to PDA:

You are too open in front of them and they are too open in front of you that they don't think twice before showing little PDA and you get to see a free rom-com.


They are your wingman and woman:

They always try to set you up with their single friends and in this way; you make some new friends and might be you will find someone, who will love you like no one else. They always keep your hopes high.


Are you a third wheeler too in your best friend's relationship? If yes, then share this with them and if no, then do try to be the one because it is fun...


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