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9 Things You Will Relate To If Your Salary Gets Finished Too Early

Date: 2019-05-25 14:32:07

By Mansha

"Money comes and go like a wind."

Have you listened to this phrase? I know you all must have and some must have even experienced it while getting the salary of a month. We work day and night to get a salary, which we deserve, but what happens when we finally get it? It goes or flies away like a wind. Am I right, people?

All the youngsters out there have major problems in saving their hard earned money for emergencies because it simply gets vanished within fifteen days of getting it and how they get vanished is still a question.

Things you will relate to if your salary finishes within fifteen days...

Regret traps you:

Every month you feel sorry for yourself for not thinking about savings, but then again, every month the same process happens and you feel helpless about the situation.


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Asking for a loan from friends:

Every month you need to ask for help from your friends because that's how you will survive for the next fifteen days as you would have no money to buy even basic kinds of stuff that come to use for daily life.


The first half of the month is like a vacation:

Because that's when you party like an animal and shop like a maniac and you love every bit of it until you are broke af and then you are back to being a lost person who has no idea from where to eat and where to go...


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Online shopping becomes your first priority:

The moment cash comes on your palm, your fingers automatically go to the online shopping applications and it becomes your priority to shop for the best clothes.


You become "Ameer" in front of your friends:

They give the title of "Raees" to you during the first fifteen days of the month because you spend like a king without worrying about later. Also, you take them to fancy places for dinners and parties, as you want the best of the best.


Your parents think you are overspending:

Every day your parents try to talk to you about, how you are overspending on useless things and every time you make them believe that it won't happen again, but, "Aadat se majboor".



No money for fuel:

Once the money has gone, you don't even have money for fuel up your car because you have spent all on shopping and partying.


Again, you become dependent on your parents:

And this makes you negligent and useless in the eyes of your parents but they can never see you suffering, so, they help you in the best way possible. They are the best. Aren't they?


Lastly, if you are living alone, you live on MAGGIE:

Because no money for food and you end up living on Maggie until next month and this process goes on and on.


If you are too among such people who believe in spending money like a king then this post is for you and if you know someone, who can relate to this then tag that person and let him or her know, they are being watched.


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