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8 Things You Can Do To Make Your Best Friend's Fiance Comfortable In Your Gang

Date: 2019-03-29 12:24:31

By Mansha

When a best friend get fixed, along with all the celebrations and fun, brings the new person in your gang which make things a little bit awkward, uncomfortable and at the same time lovely feeling of welcoming a new person in your little family of friends but what makes it difficult?
The thoughts about how to make him feel comfortable in this new group because to accept the new circle of friends is not so easy, it demands, adjustments, lots of expectations and much more.

Today I have come with the ideas for making that new man feels comfortable in your group. What all things you can do to make him believe, this family is as much as his as it belongs to his better half...

Check on him regularly:

Start with a sweet good morning and good nights and steadily come to the jokes part. Send him jokes and laugh with him, in this way, he will get comfortable in sharing his views with you and his jokes as well.


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Plans outings:

If not night parties, then start with decent lunch and chilling plans. Have a coffee date with your favorite couple; share some of your old day's memories with him that can make him laugh (share his better half's old dramatic and awkward stories). In this way, he can be your partner in crime to annoy your best friend (you will have a company in annoying your best friend).


Help him to plan surprises for your best friend:

He is new in your best friend's life and you have been a constant one in her life. So, he might need your help in planning his surprises or buying a gift for her. Lend your helping hand and let him know that you are his friend as well.


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Plan night out:

Gather the whole group together and party according to his taste. Ask him, what kind of music he likes or what place he wants to go. In this way, he will feel his importance as well in the group.


Add him on your WhatsApp group:

Every friend circle has a group in which all the madness is being captured. Add him on that list and let him be the part of every conversation. Slowly, he will accept you all as his friends too.


Take a family picture with him:

Friends are family that we choose for us and every family has a family picture, so, take a new one now in his presence and make him believe that he is as important to the group as any other member.



Have a drinking session with him:

With every member of your group, you must be having many drunken stories, now make him the part of that. Have a good drinking session with him as a group and let him relive all those days when he was not part of the group by sharing all those stories with him.


Plan vacations with him:

Plan a group vacation with him and let him choose the place, days and time because he deserves it not always but just for the first time (because naye dosto ko ek hi baari importance milti hai) and then you will be successful in making him comfortable in the new family of his.


All the best to all those people whose best friend is getting married and you have to do all those hard work of developing a great bond with her future husband.


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