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Things You Can Do With Your Single Girl's Gang This Valentine's Day

Date: 2019-02-10 11:56:46

By Mansha

Being single on Valentine's Day is like having a date with boyfriend pillow like a lunatic and worst is when you can see only couples around you with holding hands, wearing red clothes or being too mushy-mushy openly. It feels like you will be forever alone. Right girls? But why to worry when we have our girlfriends with us because it has been proven that we can fall in much love with them in comparison to our boyfriends or husbands.

So this valentine's have a fun date with your girlfriends. Today I have come with the list of things, which you can do with your girl's gang. Here I go...

Go for wine tasting:

There are many wine tasting classes, take your girls to all of these wineries and get tipsy by tasting all kind of wines. I can guarantee you that you will make some memorable and crazy memories.


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Plan a movie date:

Watch a thriller or suspense movies and ignore all those romantic and mushy-mushy movies because that will only make you feel terrible about being single. Have a good thriller day with your thrilled girlfriends.


Have a karaoke night:

Plan a karaoke night with them over all kind of fast food because the food is our best friend. You can have my words that you will have the best night with your girls than with guys.


Go for girl's day out:

Plan a whole day by doing breakfast, lunch, high tea and dinner. To be intact, be with them the whole day and let the world knows it that you don't need a man to make your life good because your life is already great by having your girls in your life.


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Pamper yourself:

Plan a pamper day by booking visits for body spa, hair spa or nails spa. Make it galantine's day rather than a valentines day.


Play drunken games:

Plan a lunch or dinner (whatever suits you) at your home, organize good booze and play some alcohol games like "never have I ever" game or anything, which you all like.


Plan a Netflix sleepover:

Invite all your girls for a sleepover at your home for a movie or some women centric TV shows and have a good laughing session with your gang.



Go for shopping:

Gather all your girls and go for bra shopping, clothes shopping or whatever you guys feel like because shopping is girl's favorite time pass.


Baking marathon:

Plan baking sessions or competitions among each other. Bake anything that you all feel like, maybe a cake, cupcakes, quiche or pasta.


Plan a getaway:

Choose a destination and go for girl's trip. Destination can't be always a fancy one; you can choose a hill station also because every part of the world is beautiful if you have your girls with you.



See if any "concert" happening in your city:

Go for concerts together if any good and happening concert is happening around in your city. Dance your Asses off and click pictures as many as you can because memories are the only thing, which stays with you forever.


Go for chocolate hunting:

We girls love chocolates and we love to try different kinds of chocolates every day. So why to wait for that one person to gift us some dark or milky chocolates when we are self-efficient much to shop for it, take your girls with you for some chocolate hunting.


Happy Galantines' Day ladies!!! We hope you all have a killing and beautiful day...

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