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10 Things To Do During Internship If You Want To Be In The Good Books.

Date: 2019-07-30 17:59:54

By Priyanshi

Internship is a tough job and taking it for granted is your mistake. Wherever you go, companies look out for fresh, young people who can work their way out. These days, for an intern to get an internship doesn't only mean standing out on their own feet, but also to develop work ethics and experience before actually stepping out on the field. Every intern has a story to tell when they are doing or done with the job. It's a fun time spent working and co-operating, making connections and learning.


Here are 10 things interns do to be in the good books and if you're the one you should already start taking notes.

1. Follow up on deadlines.

One thing that all bosses and companies appreciate is when you follow the deadlines and complete your work on time. Do that and you've already formed an impressive personality to them.

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2. Punctuality tells.

It's always okay to be 5-15 minutes late, but try to be as punctual as you can and cut down on excuses for them to know you're a person of your words and they can trust you with whatever work. They very quickly understand the difference between a punctual intern and a laid back one.


3. Research is important.

Do your homework before going off to work! Nobody wants to see your blank face when asked a question. Research about the company. Know their CEO and certain guidelines before the interview. Research about the given topic/work a night before. Your efforts won't ever go wasted.

4. Dress appropriately.

Dress for success! The dressing is an equally important aspect to look into. You should know what is the apt dressing style and code of conduct in the company you're working with. Be subtle and not over the top when you do your make-up. Yes, slight make-up looks professional.


5. Act professional.

When you're in a workspace and working around the people, you're expected to talk professionally, there should be a certain manner on how to ask for things.

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6. Make connections.

The internship is the baseline to start going out there, making connections for professional as well as personal lives. Socialize with a filter. Don't do it too much on the first go or you'll look needy.


7. Be friendly and open to ideas.

You should welcome different perspectives and ideas with wide arms. Be friendly so that people can come to you and have a talk.

8. Ask questions, don't be shy.

When you ask questions, you don't look dumb. You look curious and thoughtful. So go ahead and ask doubts. This will also help you come out of your comfort zone.


9. Look out for a senior.

Find a senior in your workspace that you can look up to and network accordingly. While it may seem intimidating initially, but once in his good books, he might just recommend you to big companies and set up your career. Building relations like these will help you grow in life.


10. Look at all prospects, never say no, push yourself to your limits.

If an opportunity's coming your way, take it. Don't second guess every time. Look at all probable prospects and make something out of it.


To be in the good books, interns need to follow a basic set of rules and you're good to go. Remember the most important is doing work under deadlines and knowing how to talk, and when.


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