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9 Things That Change Between You And Your Siblings After They Get Married

Date: 2018-08-29 14:29:50

By Mansha

When you see your siblings sitting in front of your parents and they are discussing this topic of their marriage, suddenly you feel excited about all the celebrations and at the same time nostalgic that with whom you have shared your whole childhood, they will be married. It's like a whole of an emotional ride is riding inside of you. Seeing your sister getting married is a feeling of giving a part of you to someone to take care of and when you see your brother as a groom, you are on top of the world and you dance your ass off because you will be welcoming a new family member.

Things you can relate to if you too got your siblings get married.

Going out with them alone on lunch or dinner becomes very once in a blue moon thing:

It is not like before that you buzzed him or her and they are already up for the getaway with you in a minute. Now, they have more important things to look after like, household chores, married life or tight work schedules.


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You are no more a child to them:

Before getting married, they used to treat you like their first child. Their days used to be start from you and end with you. But now as they are married, you are no more a first priority to them, they expect you to be responsible so that you don't depend on them for various things.


They don't talk to you enough like before and you both find the reasons sometime to call each other:

They have a plus one now and they take their maximum time and calling them at any hour is like putting hands into the lion's mouth. Yes, it's that risky sometimes.


You miss fighting with them on pity things:

Remember, fighting for TV remote or threatening them for telling their secrets to our parents and in return asking them for a huge favor, yes, that was our best time pass but after marriage, they change and there behavior changes. You can't fight with them like before especially in front of their spouses.


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Now and again, you decide to take a back seat:

The relationship gets affected and sometimes you decide to say not a word in front of a new member of the family because that is the best decision. You have to be very careful while speaking in front of them.


You become self-reliant:

Now they can't be with you all the time and helping or advising you on your problems. You learn and try to be self-reliant and self-sufficient. Sometimes, it brings the entire roller coaster ride for you because of the lonely feeling that sometimes occur.


You can't rule over them:

You can't boss over them now because they have a partner in front of whom you have to behave like an innocent and loving person. You can't scold them or be rude with them. It's just so complicated.



You have to be more mature and responsible:

Because they are married now, parents expect you to be responsible for your own things and to behave maturely around the house because you don't have your partner in crime as they themselves have to behave more responsible and mature.


Distance makes you two even closer than before:

They say the time we spent apart will make our love grow stronger. That happens, the far you are you tend to love more with that person because distance teaches you the value of that relationship.


But, it not always bad. Now, you have a company to tease him or her:

Once you build that bonding with her husband and his wife, you have a person with whom you can pull their legs and this time you are not scared of them because they got your back. (wink-wink)



Seeing your siblings get married is a dream for every other sibling there. Feelings can only be felt and putting those feelings in words would be not enough because it means everything to you. You want them to be happy all through their lives and also, you miss them sometimes so much that you decide to keep that inside of you as they have many other important things to look after.

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