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8 Things Not To Do In College, If You Want A Happy Life.

Date: 2019-07-28 11:57:02

By Manveen

Bollywood has given us a memo on what-to-do in college and American web series have provided us with higher expectations, but the reality is neither like Karan Johar's Kuch Kuch Hota Hai or Amir Khan's Rag de Basanti. Attendance iare ssue is practically torture and most colleges does not have kids randomly dancing on one song together in the hallway and if only we all had a principle like Ms. Braganza. What to do and make out of college is subjective, but there surely are certain things that you should not do.

Here are eight things you should never do in college:

1. Live with cinematic expectations.

If you can understand this one thing in life, then life will probably become much easier for you in general and not just college. College is not all fests and hook-ups, it is submissions, internal exams, attendance and the wretched daily commute where you travel for 2-3 hours daily just to sit in a class and watch a presentation clipped from Slideshare.


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2. Date a senior.

You must not, it might sound cool, make you popular, but then imagine if you break up, how difficult will that be? College is full of bullies and nobody leaves any chance to bully anybody.


3. Date a junior.

If there is anything worse than dating a senior, it is dating a junior. You senior will graduate before you do, but not your junior. With your senior, there is a chance of a year or so after them graduating, but with juniors, you are bound to look at them till you graduate. (LOL, take it as a joke if you both are really keen in going forward with your relationship.)


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4. Dress shabby.

Life is too short to do a lot of things and dressing up shabbily to college is not one of them. Most people end up in offices with formal wear and life then just is plain and simple, whereas your college is where you can bring out your inner fashionista.


5. Restrict yourself with a group of people.

In school, we mostly hang around with a certain group of people, but college should not be like that. It is a bigger environment with more opportunities and you should interact with as many people as you can.



6. Just be a nerd.

Being a nerd and scoring straight A's in school works out well, but college does not work that way. Most people might not find you approachable and college is not just about marks and academics but learning about life in general.


7. Be narrow-minded.

If you think people who smoke are bad and all that crap, then you will never adjust in college. Schools teach you that, colleges help you forget that. Be more open towards people and you need not be doing the same, but you should not be judgemental either or disrespectful towards anybody.


8. Not travel.

You won't have the freedom you will have as a college student or the liberties for that matter, so travel as much as you can with friends and family both.


Have a fun filled college life, with some good learnings for life.


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