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Dear Fiance, These Are The Things Which I Wanted To Do With You Before We Get Married

Date: 2018-10-20 17:34:04

By Mansha

The time between the engagement and marriage is the most beautiful and romantic courtship. You learn so much about each other like habits, favorite food, and nature and much more. This is the time when you fall in love with that one person more than before because you start imagining a life together, everything seems like a dream, your mind is stuck with just his thoughts and all you want to do is stay with him day and night. Exploring new things and getting to know each other better is a special feeling that gives you immense happiness and excitement to start this new journey as soon as possible. But every girl dreams of certain things that she wishes to do with her fiance before marriage like...

Romantic photo shoot:

Holding hands while walking through stairs, seeing on each other eyes and getting lost into them, hugging like there is no tomorrow and many such moments which every girl wants to just capture it.


Romantic dinner date:

Normal dinner dates are too common, here I am talking about Bollywood types dinner date with flowers, candles, live music and just you both. This improves the physical attraction and helps to maintain that excitement of getting together.


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Taking dance lessons together:

Every girl dreams of a perfect dance with her prince charming on their cocktail night, she dreams of romantic dance steps, which make her, realize that you are only hers. Also, it makes you both closer and intimate.


Finalizing dream honeymoon destinations together:

Whether she says or not, she has the list of destinations that she always wanted to cover with her future husband. She wants her destinations to be perfect just like her marriage because that would be the starting of her great journey. Every girl wants the destinations to be mutually decided where they can be themselves and into each other.


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Showing their real sides to each other:

The relationship is not only about walking on roses; sometimes it is as hard and painful as walking on spikes. You can't be always sweet to each other, some days would come when you both would be mad on each other but still, you love each other for what they are. It's important to show all the sides so that you know what you are getting into.


Meeting each other's close people:

They say you don't marry a person along with him you get married to all his surroundings. For a girl, nothing is more special than being the part of his family and friends. She feels that it is her right and duty to make his family her own and she expects same from him.


Playing "have you ever" game with him:

She wants to know all of his darkest secrets so that she knows him the most and nothing is more useful than this game. This game not only helps to know her his secrets but also it builds the trust and bonding between the two. As a girl, this is in my checklist to play this game with him so that I can know him better and his real self.



Talking about future kids:

Kids bring stability in the lives of the couple and it's important to discuss that when to bring this kind of stability in their lives. This helps them both to know each other's expectations from marriage and when they are thinking to have kids.


Go on a small vacation with close friends:

Nothing can be wonderful than introducing your friends to his friends. Friends are family that we choose and every girl wants her family to feel important and not neglected. As a girl, I would want our friends to be friends with each other so that we can be a big happy family.


Organizing family dinners every week:

Before marriage, it's very important to know each other family members to build that bonding between the two families. Every girl wants her father in law and father to be a team and a mother in law and a mother to be best of friends so that she would have two sets of parents apart from one. Isn't that a beautiful thought girl? It is still a dream for many women.


Talk about my dreams and goals:

Every girl wants a career and every girl before marriage get scared of what future holds of her? What if she has to leave her work? In this position she wants a person to talk to and share her hopes and dreams that can make her believe that he is what matters the most now and rest is all second priority.



Long drive and just talking:

Imagine on a long drive with your love and you both are just talking about anything, isn't that so dreamy? Nothing is more romantic than being on a long drive in a long night and having endless talks and being cheesy about being in love.


Love is a feeling of flying high without wings, you feel on the top of the world where you want to scream aloud that "you are happy as you never were" and once you get hitched the only thought which comes in your mind is "him". You want to be with him all day and night, you don't wish to get apart from him for a single second and that wait is what makes you more excited for the future and that wait is what makes you exploring new things in life.

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