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14 Things Girls Do In The Bathroom

Date: 2019-05-11 19:35:10

By Mansha

No girl would leave a place without using a washroom at least once because that place is kind of our go-to place for everything and when at home, we try to have some "ME" in there because it is more than just the "ladies room". It is a SENTIMENT...

Guys think hard, what makes them so long in there, whereas they just take two minutes. So, the thing is guys, you just have a fly to open and close and we have so many other things, which we are about to disclose in front of you today.

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Brace yourselves, a new box of secrets are about to open. You would get to know, what women do in there that takes them so long to come back.

They check their figure in the long mirror:

"Mirror is every girl's best friend", you must have listened to this phrase and it is true. We love to see us in the mirror, to see if our butts in shape or other things are decent because we love to appreciate our body and us for which, you all can die for.


Clicking selfies:

If you would see the photo gallery of any girl, you would find selfies clicked in the washroom because they find lighting over there perfect for the pictures and also, they get privacy to click as many pictures as they want like, one pose with different angles.


Dancing on funniest songs:

We practice on our dance moves on the craziest songs anyone could ever imagine because that is our own way to kick start our day with energy and positivity.


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We overthink too:

We overthink about things which matters to us or disturbs us, because that is the only place where our minds think about our future and us.


We burst out in tears:

When we need to cry, we end up on washroom floors because it is hard to open up with people out there and crying makes us feel better and pep up.


Making weird faces in front of the mirror:

Making all kinds of crazy face impressions in front of the mirror just to have fun with our wonderful faces.


Watching "that" types of movies:

Why only boys have all the fun? Because even we do have sexual desires like a normal human being or like you, guys.


Letting those facial hairs go:

We hate it when our facial hairs get visible for the world, so, we end up having a date with our katora wax inside our washrooms with best lightings so that we can attack each strand of hair easily.


Sitting on the pot with our social media accounts:

We do all the stalking inside there via our social media accounts. Yes, we do as no one can disturb us there while we are doing what we love to do.



Trimming our "ahem", you know what we mean:

Because we don't like it when it is too bushy like a forest.


Thinking if we should change our tampons or pads:

We count hours of keeping one before changing it because we are kind of lazy for performing the whole process again when we feel, it can be used for some more time.


Taking out pads or tampons to just relax:

When that time of the month and tired of carrying the weight of pads, we end up taking that out in the washroom and sitting on the pot for some extra minutes just to relax.


Trying all the types of poses while shaving our legs:

Because it is not that easy to shave, we end up doing gymnastics just to look pretty.


Laughing on bad aims:

Guys, we hate it, but also we laugh at it, when your aim is so poor and in the end, we end up cleaning that stuff because we like our places clean and tidy.


So guys, what do you think? What are your thoughts about spending our time in there? Do let us know by commenting there and girls, if you have extra things to do in there, then kindly, help guys to increase their knowledge.


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