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Things Every Indian Father Does For Their Daughters

Date: 2018-09-23 17:03:34

By Mansha

Every word seems less while explaining the relationship between a father and a daughter. It's like explaining a relationship, which has more value than words. Fathers never express their feelings about the love they show in their actions, which are way beyond than words; those actions, which make every daughter, feel like a princess to her father. Unknowingly they do such things for you that are enough to tell you that you are way important to them than you can imagine.

Snatching remote from your brother's hands because you want to see your kind of show.

Scolding your mother in front of you because she said no to you for buying that dress which you liked in the mall.


Sitting beside you all night long while you are unwell and unconscious and trying to not cry in front of you.

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When someone talks about your marriage in front of him, he tries his best to not get emotional while talking about you and you can see that pain in his eyes while he speaks.


No matter how much burden he has on him but he will never show in front of you and still laugh and spend hours and hours with you till you are exhausted from all the fun.

The first thing he does when he comes back from his office is asking where are you? And then hugging you like he didn't see you from ages.


Having a gala time with your school friends and interrogating any new guy, which has entered into your group very recently.

Scolding your brother because he declined your request of giving you some money when you asked for it.


Guiding you to walk towards your dreams and motivates you to don't get afraid of failures.

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Being overprotective about you when you are crossing the road with him and he holds your hands tighter than ever.

He senses your sadness before anybody and tries to make you normal again without even asking what's wrong.


Remember when you started your first job? No one can give you better advice on work and office than him. His morals are best to learn.


No matter how expensive things you ask for, he would never say no, even though he has to do extra from his side.


Never discriminating between you and your brother but always love you more and anything else.

Your mother keeps taunting your father that he loves you more than her because he never listens to her demands but your demand is his first priority.


Isn't this relationship is best? While writing I have realized what my father is for me and this daughters day I promise him to reciprocate all of this by making him proud one day.
Daughters day should not be only for daughters, but it should also be for those parents too who have given life to their daughters and never discriminate and always give her, her space and choice to live her life on her own terms. My parents did and now I am a proud daughter of proud parents.

Happy daughters day!!


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