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Thank You Yuvi For Teaching Us YOUWECAN Formula, You Taught Us How To Stay Strong When Life Gives You Lemons

Date: 2019-06-10 18:48:15

By Abhishek


Tears are rolling down, the heart is filled with emotions and we wish if we could neglect your retirement news.

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Because, India wanted you to play, forever and ever...


We know how hard it is for you to talk about retirement, but a little did we know about you is, YOUWECAN... cricket cannot be separated from you or vice versa.

Going down the memory lane,

You have always respected your seniors; we cherish the bond you shared with Dada, came as a savior whenever Dada needed you.


We remember the 6 sixes you hit after an argument with Flintoff.

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After all, you were the match hero of 2011 World Cup.


It's because of your go through attitude, many of us have been inspired. When you were suffering from a life-threatening disease, Cancer, the entire nation was sad and prayed for you,

Indeed, you fought Cancer, came back totally like a badass performer and we were happy to see you back!


We loved it, when you come to the stadium with your teammates and used to sing the national anthem before each game, or when you used to wave the national flag after India's win, or being our very own Spiderman while saving the runs.



Players will come and go, but players like you are very rare to find, we are not saying as it's your retirement, we are saying it because we truly mean it.

Now that you took the decision, we Indians are always by your side, we accept the verdict of what our very own YUVRAJ (Prince) said.



You were, are and will always be FANTASTICALLY BRILLIANT Cricketer. We wish you the best in the next innings of your life.

You thanked the fans for this lovely journey, today, but, let us tell you,
The pleasure was all ours!


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