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10 Signs You Are The Love Guru Of Your Group

Date: 2019-01-12 12:13:48

By Mansha

Every group of friends has at least one person who is a professional in terms of giving relationship advice irrespective of the fact if he or she is single or committed but most of the times such professionals are single and such professionals are known as "love guru's" by other group members.

They are known for their valuable and fair relationship advice either it is based on giving support over breakups, giving valuable advice over how to patch things up or acting as the mediator to bring two people closer to each other.

Traits that you are the love guru of your group...

You are the first person to be called:

Either it is for giving news about the breakup or demanding help for any type of advice over the relationship, you are the first person to be called by your friends.


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Shoulder to cry on:

Your friends feel completely comfortable and at ease to share their feelings in front of you and your shoulder is the place for them to cry on.


They look out for your comforting words:

After every breakup, they find for your comforting words. They feel calm after listening to your advice over how to move on and stuff? For them, you are the part of getting healed.


You are the perfect matchmaker:

You are the best person for them to ask "how to attract another person towards them and how to interact with them" and they will take every advice of yours very seriously. You are the Shahrukh Khan from Kal ho naa ho who helped Saif Ali Khan and Preeti Zinta to come closer. PERFECT MATCHMAKER


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They will share their secrets with you:

They will share each and every secret of their relationship with you without any shyness or discomfort and value every feedback that you have for their relationship to remain healthy.


You have the patience to listen to their cries and dramas:

You can listen to their endless dramas and cries about their relationships and still, you would not feel trapped. The boss that's the most essential trait that you are the perfect love guru when you are happy to help the "Majnu" or "Laila".



You are best at giving speeches:

There are the times when five people are sitting on the table and each one of them are sharing their problems regarding their relationships and that's when you jump in and being a love guru you end up giving speech about how to make things better and each one of them would love to listen you very tentatively.


You are being trusted:

People don't usually trust any third person when it comes to taking advice on their relationships because sometimes it can cause problems within their relationships but with you, it is different and they trust all your advice and suggestions.


You love being the love guru to your friends like it is your passion because some people don't believe in sharing their insights on relationships but you are helping the needy.


Keep up the good work!!


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