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7 Signs You Are Alia Bhatt Aka. Safeena Firdausi From Gully Boy.

Date: 2019-03-03 14:54:10

By Mansha

"Mere Boyfriend Ke Saath Gulu Gulu Karegi Toh Dhoptengi Na Usko."

Alia Bhatt Aka. Safeena Firdausi is just banger in Gully Boy, just like any normal girl in real life. Safeena is badass, Safeena is arrogant (maybe), Safeena is rebellious and she is just all on the face, no back bitching. She is a girl who can't see any girl flirting or even getting close to her boyfriend.
I just wanted to ask women's out there, don't you relate to oodles of such incidents in your real life and one such feeling is; when you felt like "Ghop Dungi Na Usko" when someone flirted with your boyfriend? Do tell us, please, don't be shy ladies, you felt like breaking bottles, punching, whack or bash that girl, right?

If you too are a badass in real life, then you are a "Safeena" too, and here are some signs which you will legit believe in:

Hell protective:

You can't resist it when any other random girl tries to be "just friends" with your boyfriend because even just friend's thing scares the shit out of you and you want him to be only yours. Basically, you don't want to share him with anybody.


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You can get into a major fight for your love:

If you feel someone is plotting against your love life then you have enough guts to hit that person to send a message that "he is only yours". You can do anything to keep that person close to you. Remember, how Safeena entered into the girl's work station to hit her and said, "Door reh mere boyfriend se."


You will fight for your rights:

When it comes to your own life decisions, you believe in taking those on your own terms. Remember, when Safeena parents told her to get married instead of studying further, she fought and cried for her rights and in the end, she got it, what she wanted.


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You will fight for your love life:

If anything bad happens in your relationship, but you love that person, you won't think twice to apologize because love is your first priority like, "Safeena" called him after she hit her work partner with a bottle on her head, to say sorry and to win him back.


You are bold:

You believe in saying what is in your heart. You will speak that louder without thinking twice like, "agar sab theek raha toh apka liver transplant kar sakti hun". You know, being yourself is not a crime.


You can do anything to win your love back:

You can never give up on your love and you believe in fighting for it till the end, even though, it seems tough, but you can do anything and everything to win the trust back like "Safeena" plotted a scene to marry his best friend so that he would come back to her, to win her back. Oh yes, you are a total badass...



The end of it, your happiness lies within your partner's happiness:

You will never leave your partner's side no matter if it is a downside or an upside. You will be constant in his life like Safeena was with his gully boy in his struggling days and she was also there when he was giving his life's best concert.


In the world of mushy cheesy couples, here comes our Safeena, who is practical, savage and someone who has filled her own life with so much masala, after all, why not!

Safeenian's, your approach is nailing the world.


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