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Hidden Secrets You Can Puke Out To Your Parents Once You Turn 24

Date: 2018-09-15 18:03:07

By Mansha

We all must have done several shittiest things in our childhood that we never told our parents about the same, we used to be terrified of being grounded or getting one hell of a lecture. We all have been there and now when we have entered in our major adulthood, what's the harm in telling our secrets because they have no power like before (wink). So parents here are some things, which we had done in school, college and in our childhood days, which you have no clue about.

Once I bunked my school with my friends and brothers to watch a movie, that too because it was the first show of a first day.


I never gave my dad's phone number in college, that's the reason; you never got any call in those three years dad.

Once when my professor in college told me to bring my father along the next day, I chose to bring a fake father. Oops, sorry, dad.

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I had sneaked out from the house various times during my college days in the night to go for a drive with friends.


Like any other teenager, I also had a boyfriend, which I never told you about but it was a mistake, now I know.

I used to throw my milk in the sink during the mornings of school because I used to feel nauseous and very carefully, I used to take out and carry the packet of my favorite biscuits with me.

For the very first time when I tried alcohol, it was never with you dad, sorry, but it was with friends long before I had it with you.


When I used to say that we are going on a college trip, it was never a trip, we all planned the two days getaway and used to give you the fake college letter.

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I was never sick when I used to say that I am having a stomachache, it was just the way to ignore the school.

I and brother used to have a deal about showing you the mark sheets that if he will do something for me then I will not tell you about his marks and if I will do something for him he will not tell you my marks. Yes, we fooled you million times. Again sorry.


When you used to ask mom that if I had that "ghiye ki sabzi" in my tiffin and I used to say yes, in reality, no I used to give that tiffin to my friends and myself I used to buy something from the canteen.

When you saw "hookah" for the first time in my room and I said that it belongs to my friend, again it was a lie that was mine.


You remember when I started going out for night parties, on those early days how you used to tell me that don't go out with boys but mom, I had maximum boys in my group and girls were few.


When you asked me about my brother that if he has a girlfriend I answered you that no, it was a lie, he had a girlfriend and still has the same girlfriend, who would be your daughter-in-law.

When we used to have a mom-daughter fight on those silly and childish days, how I used to say that I don't love you and you don't understand me but in reality, I loved you and still love you beyond everything. I never said those things in my cautious.

Dad, I used to steal money from your pants when you used to be asleep in the night and you never got to know about that.


How you both used to say that I never got failed in any subject all my life but today I am saying, in college, I failed various times but you never got to know because none of your numbers were there on the college records.

Last, when my sister got married and the next morning when you asked me if I am doing good and I said I am doing great because she is finally gone but I cried all night while hugging her photo.


We have done some crazy and some dull-witted things that we never told our parents about. Today, I opened myself in front of them, now it's your turn. Good luck.


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