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Things You Should Know About Pubs/bars Before Going For Your Next 'Ladies Night'

Date: 2018-08-12 18:02:39

By Abhishek

That tonight's gonna be a good night, That tonight's gonna be a good night, That tonight's gonna be a good, good night. A feeling, woohoo.
Our mood when we hear Ladies Night. But there is a lot we never knew about the Machiavellian plan.

Let's dig deep inside the pubs and bars trippy side!!

1. First and most important reason for Ladies night is definitely not LADIES!!

You go anywhere in the city, you will see pubs with free ladies night banners on their wall.
Trust me it's just a marketing technique which they follow because they know if girls are coming for free drinks, and then boys are coming for girls.
The most popular phrase fits here heroically "One arrow two Down".
And not so surprising for us, they succeed in getting a countless number of customers, especially guys...ahem!!


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2. You will never see a 'Men's night' that offers free drinks to men, NEVER EVER.

The pubs are intelligent enough because they know will come in losses if men start drinking. Even, they will start bargaining on the drinks because, Hey!! They are not with their girl, no impression needed.


3. The free drinks which you are drinking on the name of 'Girl's Night' are almost always hard-hitting drinks.

You order a drink which is mixed with vodka, rum, or whiskey(*); usually it is vodka(I hope it's not a local brand, no Desi please) because it goes running in your veins quickly, the sugary syrups which are an add-on in your drinks are the major boss in hitting you harder and faster.


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4. It can be a Desi brand, yes; it can be - just saying!!

Their aim to get you to their pub has been accomplished; now please do expect that your drink would be of a cheap quality. And as promised to get you high, what can be the better brand than our very own desi bottles, those drinks will surely get you drunk quicker and harder.


5. Don't worry you're half sipped drink will not be wasted.

You ordered a drink but the taste was hopeless, so you requested the bartender to remove that half sipped drink from the table... you might think it will be washed down the drain! Yes, it might be but not the drain, actually another girl who is waiting for her drink.



6. Free drinks till 8-10 PM.

The time limit has a scientific reason behind it. The shorter the time period for ladies night, more will be the consumption...and Tadaaa there will be some bet also.
When you are already high, either you will stop drinking or you will buy the most expensive drink in the lot. And if your cutie pie is with you, he can't say no because it's all about impression!!

Congratulations!! The gamble worked for the pubs.



Now you know the secrets of Girls Night, No..No... It's Ok, Thank me later. And yes, now don't be a stupid ass, be a smart ass. Don't drink and Drive.

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