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These Stupid Romantic Scenes Happen Only In Bollywood Movies & Not In Real Life.

Date: 2020-11-19 12:19:15

By Manveen

As a child who grew up dancing on every Shahrukh Khan's song and copying Kareena Kapoor's every dance move, Bollywood constitutes such a big part of our lives. So much so that reality often looks depressing when the weddings we visit are not as grand as they seem in Karan Johar's movies or if our mothers are not waiting for us as Jaya Bachchan. However, the most conflicting thing that Bollywood has given us is love stories and notions of relationships.

Here are 10 Romantic Scenes That Happens Only in Bollywood Movies and Not in Real Life:

1. People dancing in the background for no reason at all.

Imagine if you decide to do it for real before asking your partner out. You will probably have to start preparing one month in advance getting enough people, then paying them and co-ordinating them to dance in the background wearing similar clothes, and you thought picking a ring was the most difficult part?

romantic bollywood movies

2. You just look at somebody and fall in love with them.

Never have we met anybody who would say that they fell in love with somebody on their Day one of college, Nobody has ever just looked at somebody and went like "yeah, she seems nice, I will spend the rest of my college life singing songs for her".

romantic bollywood movies

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3. It rains when you see them.

The moment you decide to fall in love (without knowing the other person, without thinking) the weather also decides to be in your favour, it automatically starts to rain. But the point is rain is supposed to be romantic only in movies because in reality if you get wet coming from the office or if it rains when you are on the road, you are plain annoyed.

romantic bollywood movies
Source: Filmibeat

4. You are supposed to look very pretty the day you have to accidentally meet the love of your life.

That if somebody falls in love with you when you walk out in pyjamas with uncombed hair to get milk in the morning? Why not?

5. Breaking security at the airport.

Everybody who has travelled by air thinks the same thing, it is so difficult to get past all those security lines but somehow we cannot even get to the luggage drop counter without wasting half n hour in line. What a wow!

6. Which woman on earth would marry the person who stalks her or kidnaps her?

You know every time guys have started to act like stalkers from Bollywood movies they have ended up adding more episodes to Crime Patrol and Gumrah and not make any love story whatsoever.


7. Love changes villains too.

It is actually stupid to even think that a person will completely change himself/ herself just because they fell in love with somebody. Honestly, nothing but the wind changes overnight. It takes several years for a person to change.

romantic bollywood movies

8. Women will dance in rain wearing a saree for the sake of love.

Because obviously we do not live in India and we are safe everywhere we go. Women are catcalled and ogled in full clothing and god forbid what would happen if they walk out in sexy sarees!

Bizarre romantic bollywood movies

9. Everything else ceases to be when two people are in love.

This one notion has ruined the idea of love and relationship. Not everything is fair in love and war. People have offices to go to, responsibilities to fulfill, family to look after and not just run to the hills for one person.

10. Somehow even the most messed up situations become clear in the end.

The fact that every couple gets a happy ending despite the tragedy is borderline delusional. How??

romantic bollywood movies


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