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8 Reasons Why It Is 'Perfect' To Be In A Relationship With Momma's Boy

Date: 2018-10-04 15:27:40

By Mansha

While looking for a guy for being in a relationship it's very important to look for someone who is caring, loving, respectful and warm. Who understands you and listens to you carefully and selflessly. A man who is close to his mother is a sign that he is a true gentleman and knows how to respect and cherish them like a lady. Some girls say we don't want a guy who would always listen to his mother or who is more close to her than them but in this new era, some girls know the value of the relationship between a mother and a son. They would never want a son to be torn apart from their mother because they would know that, that's what makes them a better man.

As a girl myself, I would love a guy who would be close to his mother and keep her on the top of his list because then only I would also be able to build that mother-daughter connection apart from mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. Reasons why it would be so much better...

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He will understand your problems rather than just listening:

Many men just listen what you are saying just to make you satisfied but a guy who has been raised by his mother would know how to listen your problems tentatively and will make sure that you don't have to face them alone. He would be a good listener and a problem solver.


He will help you in house chores too whenever he gets time to do it:

For some men, especially Indian men, they think house chores should only be done by women, for them this is against their masculinity but a man with a mother love will never let you do those things alone because he would know things are not that simple. He will help you in your work and he will take your help in his work. He would believe in equality and respect.


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He may not give you his mom's place but also he will never give you something less than that:

He will never take you for granted, may be for him, his mother would always come first but also he will give you the same respect and care as her. A momma's boy will always know how to cherish and compliments his ladies. You both will always be his heartbeat.


He would believe in peace and unity:

Some men just don't care about the relationship that his ladylove and mother holds for each other but a momma's boy would give his best to make a home, a real home. He wants his both ladies to team up and make everyday special for him because you both are precious to him like a solitaire.


He will never see you as his "property", you will be his strength and weakness:

Unlike many men who think their girlfriend or wife is their property and they have a right to them for everything but a real man who has been raised by a real queen, would know the importance of his love in his life. He will always look up to you for every advice if something goes wrong. You will be his power.



He would be a great parent:

Born and bought up by the good parents, he would know the value of being a good parent to his own kids. He will take out time for his family and would respect the mother of his kids immensely because he would know that being a mother is not easy.


He will never let you face the problems alone:

Being your personal problems as a couple or problems of your own, he will never leave you with your problems alone, he will always stand right next to you holding your hand and inspiring you to bring the change because as a son he did same to his mother when she had problems.


Momma's boys are real gentlemen:

Guys who are close to their mothers know how to care for and respect the women. He will respect you as he respects his mother and will love you and take care of you as your best friend and show love to you as a true lover.



Momma's boy does not mean that he will not give you importance or he will not listen to your advise, that's a different thing, that's not what you call a momma's boy, they are cowards and hypocrite.

Momma's boy is a one who treats you like a queen because a queen (his mother) has raised him up.

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