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The Relationship Between Every Girl And Her Parlour Wali Didi

Date: 2018-08-10 16:54:21

By Mansha

Girls have a very special relationship with their parlours and their didis. It's like their second home, without them they won't look this beautiful, sorry girls, harsh reality. And didis has that magic wand in the parlours. Their work not only helps us to look beautiful but confident. And the relationship with didis are so romantic, you must be thinking why because their one day leave can be so dangerous, especially when you have to go out and your eyebrows are like those highways and your arms are more like a brother. That can give major panic attacks to the girls. Not only this, relationship with them is more than this:

They can be more understanding than any of your family members:

They have listened more of your dramas than your mothers or boyfriends. Your nonsense excuses for not getting unwanted waxing done because that area won't show in your dress for the night. Though, she will do it without our consent.


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She has listened more of our cries than anybody could have:

Those eyebrows with heavy growth, OH NOOO, deep cleansing, DON'T PRESSURE TOO MUCH and every girl's enemy, Bikini wax, she consoles us the best in that time, OUCH. She has witnessed our cries more than anybody and made sure she consoled us in the best way possible. SO SWEET OF HER.


She is more concerned about our skin than our dermatologist:

She is more concerned about our acne or red marks because her facial get affected and her home remedies are best than any doctor. She can turn to the doctor too. OH, MY GOD.


She is no less than our husband:

She has seen much more of us than our partner and her compliments give us much more happiness than our husbands or boyfriends. Her one compliment like, you look slim today give us more comfort than anyone could have ever given us.


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She is more interested in our personal lives than our best friends:

She is more interested to know what's happening in our lives and would gossip with us about anything and everything. And she knows each detail of our lives, are we single or not (obviously) or especially how's our relationship with our in-laws.


She knows our preferences better:

She knows better about us in every way. She knows what flavor we like because that flavor of wax she will use or she knows how impatient are we because we can't sit too long for facial and she will make sure she finishes as soon as possible. And do not to forget our married life, she knows better wink.



She knows me and we know her:

She knows everything about me but that's not one-sided, we too know about every detail about her or her life. And she can trust us too.


She is more excited about your honeymoon than you:

She will keep asking you about your honeymoon plans and your destinations and if you are going to some hot place because that's where her work starts, she will tell you about various packages and beauty treatments for your honeymoon. She won't leave a single chance to embarrass you.


Pampers you like no other:

Have a gym kind of pain, she will massage that area better than any masseuse or have a headache, and her oiling will be the best. She is our go-to person, for everything.


To sum up,
She is our BEST FRIEND:

I don't mean that best friend but yes she can be, she knows us better, she knows about our life better, she knows when we are going through the hell and our gossip sessions can beat any gossip sessions and we can truly trust each other about maintaining our privacy and she has seen more of us than anyone could ever see.



Our lives are truly a hell without them; they make us beautiful, confident, pretty and self-admirer. So, thank you for being you DIDI.

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