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8 Reasons Sikh Weddings Are Interesting And Unique.

Date: 2020-09-16 14:31:39

By Manveen

Remember a time when weddings meant inviting your entire family, neighbors, friends, and everybody you knew, yeah we miss that too. Who would have thought that one day something could stop Indians from having lavish weddings? Well, a virus did stop us. Weddings are like festivals in India and they even last that long. Colours, vibrancy, food, fun, music, and what not? There are so many communities and cultures in India. All of them have their own way of celebration, weddings are so interesting as well. Be it a wedding in Kashmir or Kanyakumari, Gujarat, or Kolkata, every place has its own norms and traditions and we love them all.

Today, in this article, we will share some facts about Sikh weddings, which make them interesting and unique. Firstly, correcting the fact that Sikh and Punjabi weddings are not the same. Sikh is a religion while Punjabis are people who hail from the state of Punjab.

1.) Kurmai and Chunni Ceremony.

The Sikh wedding event starts off with a Kurmai ceremony, can be termed as an engagement ceremony. In Kurmai ceremony, families of the bride and groom organize the Akhand Paath, which is done to take blessings of all the Gurudev's.

sikh wedding

2.) Sikh wedding + Food = Burrah.

This is literally the first thing that comes to anybody's mind, the minute somebody says Sikh or Punjabi. If you are from North India and share similar food palette preferences, you know what we are talking about. Butter Chicken, Paneer Tikka, Dal Makhni, Kulfi, and god, what not?

sikh wedding

3.) Sikh wedding + Music = Again Burrah.

Once upon a time, there were certain songs that were only played in Punjabi/ Sikh wedding ceremonies, say ten years ago or so, but today, literally the entire Bollywood and the country is dancing on those songs and making its remix.

sikh wedding
Source: Youtube

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4.) Vibe.

We just mentioned food and the music, how do you think the vibe would be? Pretty chill, right? Well, no, something even beyond that. Like everybody will be up for setting shit on fire, that is what the exact vibe is.

5.) Sikh Tradition.

Most Hindu and Punjabi and Sikh families have similar events and customs, mostly there are regional differences, but festivals like Haldi, Mehendi, etc, are all the same.

sikh wedding
Source: Youtube

6.) Wedding ceremony in Gurudwara.

The marriage ceremony has to take place in a Gurudwara. Earlier people would be very particular about it and get married during the daytime according to the customs, but now people do not restrict themselves like that. However, if a wedding takes place at night, then it goes on for the entire night because the "Phera" ceremony happens at 4 AM in a Gurudwara then.

sikh wedding
Source: Youtube

7.) Open-heartedness.

The amount of money spent and the number of emotions pour out is endless. Even a third person does not feel like that, they are included in as a family member too, everybody vibes together.

8.) Sikh wedding + Cocktail = DJ till 11 PM 4 AM.

Before the wedding, cocktail takes place and the sole purpose of that night is for everybody to get drunk out of their senses and dance like nobody is watching.

sikh wedding
Source: Pinterst

9.) Sikh wedding reception.

After the wedding, reception takes place in which another event is held for the bride to meet her entire in-laws family and friends.


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